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Need Prayers - Update Post 104

Guest Ohiogreymom

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Guest Ohiogreymom

Reggie has started limping again. OSU took slivers of glass out of his pad a few weeks ago. He's a blood donor at OSU. The limping stopped, but a couple weeks later, he started limping intermittently. Now, the limping is constant. :( I took him to our regular vet yesterday, and the vet was on duty whose opinion I value.


She gave him a good going over. Checked his pad, and leg really well. When she got to the area just above his knee, he SCREAMED. :weep She wasn't pulling or anything, just feeling around on it. She said given his age, and the location, she's REALLY concerned that it's osteo. Reggie's only 6. I've had him 8 months now. (Geez it seems like so much longer)


There was no xray tech there yesterday, so she sent him home on Tramadol for the weekend, and I'll drop him off at 8:30 on my way to work and pick him up on my way home. She told me not to lose hope, but be prepared. :weep I know I've been very lucky so far, having 4 greys, and no osteo, :hope and that's always my nightmare when I read on GT that someone else's grey has been diagnosed. I bawl like a baby. Just had to admit that!


Reggie is an old soul, :kiss2 even though he's only 6. He really does have eyes that seem to look into the deepest part of you. :wub: He's the kindest, most gentle dog I've ever known!

He was a good racer, so they kept him longer than usual, and he was so spooky when he came here. I posted about working on his fears. Today he's like a different dog. He's so very funny when he tosses stuffies around. He fits in here so well, and adores his family and pack. I can't imagine losing him! :brokenheart


I don't make any judgments on how people deal with the C monster, but my own feeling has always been no amputation for us. I would not risk a break, so I know that if my boy has it, I'm going to lose him soon, and that is heartbreaking. He deserves so much more time. :weep Sorry this is so long. Please send prayers, or good thoughts for my Reggie's xrays to be clear tomorrow. :weep:weep Thanks! Darlene


Update: It's Osteo. My poor Reggie...I feel sick :weep:weep

Update 7/28/09 Post 86

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Guest Annie

Darlene, I'm so very sorry that your Reggie is lame and will pray that it is something easily treatable and NOT the dreaded OS!!! :hope:hope:hope


I feel the same as you do regarding amputation.

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Guest Energy11

Please don't panic yet. You do NOT know for sure, okay? Just relax, and don't worry until you have to. Limping is not ALWAYS Osteo, and six is pretty young.


Please keep us posted, and we will be praying for you here, from our mountain! Love and hugs! Dee and The Five :wub::grouphug:getwell:candle:hope

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Guest PiagetsMom

Hoping for a better outcome than you're preparing for. I'm of the same mind regarding amputation...... I understand how nervous and worried you must be about Reggie's x-ray tomorrow. :grouphug

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In my thoughts and in my prayers...



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Many prayers for your boy. Hopefully it's something simple that can be fixed.

Judy, mom to Darth Vader, Bandita, And Angel

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Gosh. I am keeping my fingers very very firmly crossed for Reggie and for you. Hoping for a good diagnosis tomorrow... Please please please let it be something fixable!! :goodluck:candle:goodluck:candle:goodluck:candle


Sending lots of good thoughts... :bighug

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This is my worst nightmare as well. I'm sending every manner of positive thought that it is something treatable and you'll have him with you for many, many years.

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