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Nike's Wellness Check Up

Guest Morgaynn

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Guest Morgaynn

So Nike Went for her annual checkup yesterday. Dr. L say's she looks great. Heartworm and intenstinal parasite free (go Mom!) Nike's racing weight was 54lbs. When she weighed in yesterday she was at 66.3lbs. Dr. L says she looks good and need to maintain this weight if not take a pound off of her but no more than that. So yay! Perfect Weight!


It's been awhile since I posted this, but I had mentioned that Rock had been incessantly licking her backside. I had mentioned this to the vet. She doesn't seem inclined to believe it was UTI, and the reason for this-there wasn't any urgency, she wasn't straining, or an excessive need to go. Nike's anal glands needed to be expressed. YUCK. So basically Rock was trying to express her glands for her. :puke Nike withstood this indignity as best she could. Although it did ilicit a GSOD when Dr. L started the expression. Rock hasn't been licking after Nike like he was prior to the expression. She did also mention that Nike has a small vulva and since its "tucked in" like she has a hood over it, she will be likely to be prone to UTI's in the near future and to keep an eye on her habits. If we see any changes to bring her in for another check up.


Nike's teeth aren't bad but she may need a dental in six months but it's not definite. Dr. L would like to look at them again and see how they look.


Anyway, just wanted to post that we have a happy healthy girl! And maybe pass on some interesting information. Dr. L is a greyhound owner and was thrilled to meet Nike. I definitely feel comfortable with Dr. L as Nike's vet..

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