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Muscle Cramp On Shoulder Blade

Guest hokepoke

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Guest hokepoke

Hi all,


Our 11 year old Bo is suffering from pain that I think is originating from an impinged nerve near the spinal cord. From what I can tell, he has two muscles, infraspinatus and supraspinatus located on the back of the shoulder blade that are balled up as tight as rocks. I know that these two muscles are inervated by the same nerve. This information along with a recent history of favoring the opposite front leg has led me to believe his problem is likely a pinched nerve near C5 or C6. Previously, Bo was treated using several medications and modalities including acupuncture with moderate success, but we fear his condition is becoming more severe.


Has anyone had a dog experience a cramped or contracted muscle that would not release? And what did you do for it?


Any thoughts or suggestions for care are greatly appreciated.


Thank you!


Pete and Holly (Bo 11, Grey-V 10)


x-rays taken in April were primarily of the opposite front leg and everything visible was negative.

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Guest kydie

poor boy, I have never had a pet with this problem, but had one with a hind quarter issue, I took him to an animal chiropractor, and had acupuncture done for about 6 mo, with success Good Luck

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