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Cisco Is Slightly Limping

Guest Flysmom

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Guest Flysmom

Cisco was walking fine yesterday morning on our morning walk. A few hours later I noticed a slight limp and I have no clue what it could be!! I checked the street before we walked and it was not hot or uncomfortabel to touch.


* the 'Chaos Brothers' aka Cisco and Poncho did not play in the yard prior to his limping. They played rough the night before - Poncho plays 'dirty' and loves to bump into Cisco.


* they chased eachother in they yard (play!!) the night before and ran 5 or 6 laps in the 1 Acre.


* Cisco puts weight on his paw, but when he thinks he should run the paw does not touch the ground. (Happened last night before I could stop him).


* he is not panting and he lets me check and move his leg.


* I checked his paw over and over and I cannot find anything there but a really, really small cut/scratch on one pad and he wants to pull the paw away when I touch one toe. Could he have a broken toe?


* He rolls himself in the grass and roaches in the sun.


* He yelped however, once, last night when he pooped.


* I did not walk them this morning and I take Cisco out on a leash to give his leg/paw some rest.


* I rub his leg gently with Arnicacream and I started to give him Traumeel Tablets. I am staying away from Painmeds since he shows no signs of being in major pain.


Do you have any idea whatelse I can do for him? What could it be - pulled muscle, the itty bitty scratch hurting him? I promised myself not to freak out and to hyperventilate but it is so hard!!! I AM going to take him to our vet if he does not get better by Tuesday - I have to work tomorrow.


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Guest Energy11

Soooo hard to say! Yes, could be a broken toe, that cut, or a corn. (You check for corns)? I'd give it till Tues, like you said, and then, maybe a x-ray would be in order, just to be safe.


Wishing you all the best! D

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Guest Flysmom

We are going to the vet today.

I could not take him on Tuesday or the rest of the week since I was asked to work all week and my husband was in D.C.. I was able to rule out Corns, I found a small cut on his paw and did some soaks and Neosporin. He seemed to get better and now his leg seems stiff.

He still has full range of motion, no swelling or bruising and no pain. (I am sure he would let me know if he is in pain, he is on the sensitive side he cries when he has to throw up...). He still runs in the yard with Poncho - which is my fault since I don't leash him to walk him in the yard!

My husband came home early this morning, looked at him and threw hip dyspalsia in the air. I am freaking out here!!!!!!!!

I am hoping for a sprained muscle that cannot heal because I still let him have fun in the yard. Please, cross your fingers for Cisco and his idiot mom!

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