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What Is This?

Guest BlackandBrindle

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Guest BlackandBrindle

Spud has a weird black spot on the inside of his eyelid. It looks flat (like a freckle) and the eye is not irritated. I left my camera at work so no picture.


Any thoughts?




Just another thought- the spot on the outside by the tear duct hasn't always been there. It's probably been there about a year....


Should I worry about this or is it something pretty normal and benign?

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Guest TheUnrulyHound

I just looked at all five of my brindles and they all have dark brown/black eyeliner and lids... go figure, so I guess I am no help :(

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Guest ChasesMum

looks like pigmentation, but I'm not a vet. worth asking about next time you are there but I don't know that I woulkd rush in if there is nothing else weird (red eyes, rubbing/itching, etc).


as a side note, my mom's orange tabby cat has pigmentation all over his little orange nose that moves around. all these little spots that are never in the same place twice. he is diabetic but nothing else is wrong with him!

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