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Greta's Back And Behavior--update

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Well, the vet has no suggestions since there is no arthritis or obvious injury--the groin injury from a couple months ago is healed. She does have a slightly mis-aligned vertebra. We could try laser healing treatments, but he told me the price and that's just not an option at the moment. Greta has one more accupunture treatment scheduled and then I have to tell the accupunturist that we won't have any more. They did some good, but not enough to continue them for "maintenance" purposes. We've had a couple months of one expense after another and we simply have to stop spending money except for clear necessities. Greta even had to go to the E-vet last week because she caught some contagious intestinal infection and got dehydrated!


So, Greta is doing ok, but her back is not right, and it's going to stay that way unless my daily massages help it.

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