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You Have To Read This

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We are now wondering if our Maggie got so sick from ROUNDUP.? Dan did spray some around the yard a week or so before she got sick and today I found this when I googled "Will weed killer poison your dog?" you all need to read this! If this link does not open for you, just google the same question and this page will come up in the list.




How can they still sell this stuff if it is this bad????? it said they told by the New York Courts to stop saying it is safe, BUT they are STILL doing it! What is wrong with this company? I guess the dollar is mightier that a life. Sharon

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It is much safer than other weed killers.

I don't advise drinking it, but spray it, let it dry and then let the dogs back out.



Roundup is not causing most of what is shown in those "non-Monsanto" studies, at least not when used as advised.



Disclaimer - I've worked with Monsanto products in my job and I've also worked with a company that helped Monsanto build a new company. I don't see Monsanto as an environmental evil #1

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Guest Energy11

Hard to say if was Maggie's problem. Every dog/person, is different, and reacts differently to everything. Usually, as previously stated, if the product is left to dry, it is okay for pets and humans.



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Actually, in another thread Aaron, our resident science guy, recommended roundup much safer for use around dogs than other weed killers. I'd tend to belive him as he is pretty darn smart.


Yeah; glyphosate is about as safe as it comes for synthetic weed killers. Very non-toxic and what IS consumed is generally excreted unchanged. There's a lot of hyperbole and screeching about Monsanto- not all of which is unjustified- but small quantities of Roundup in the yard need not be part of it. The alternatives- 2,4-D, monosodium metharsenate, atrazine, etc.- are much worse. "Natural" pesticides (vinegar, corn gluten) present a much lower risk, and mechanical control (digging, barriers like black plastic, etc.) are better yet. Get some sunlight. Vitamin D won't kill you.

Coco (Maze Cocodrillo)

Minerva (Kid's Snipper)

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