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Urininary Incontinence With Female Greys

Guest TBaxes

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Guest TBaxes

Hello everyone, I always feel so bad when I come here for it never seems like we can give as much as we get from this forum. Our apologies for that.


Annie has been having some urinary incontinence issues. Mostly, they would be very minor, and only occur after a good run. However, this past weekend, she had an episode where she completely emptied her bladder while laying on one of her favorite dog beds. She has had another small leak last night.


She is the type who licks her area a lot, it is always red and raw because of the folds with her muscular legs in that area and her licking an inability to get air there. We have tried in vain to constantly clean the area.


Is this a common problem with Female Greys? And, any recommendations would be welcomed. We have seen the vet, and some drugs have been prescribed, and we have started giving them to her. Although the side effects are not good (she seems to get uneasy and pants a lot), it does seem to help.


Thanks to everyone in advance, we would love to hear your experiences...


Best Reagrds,

Tom & Pat

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My take:


1. Check for UTI.

2. Treat for UTI even if test shows she doesn't have one.

3. Resolve irritation in vulva area. Panalog works pretty well; gotta be diligent with it; vet recommends gently wiping/drying dog after every potty trip. Consider surgery if she's got a big fold of skin there.

4. If still leaking after all of above, then I'd consider meds like PPA/DES.


I have a dog who can't have PPA/DES. Her leakage had a very specific pattern, wasn't random, was accompanied by overdrinking. I changed her food and Bingo! problem solved.

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How old is she?


When she has the "accidents" how long beforehand did she go pee?


Is she drinking more than normal?


Have you changed her food recently?


Have you changed routines (going out, eating)?


If it was me, I would get a urine culture to check and see if she has a UTI but I might also get blood work to make sure there is no issues with the kidneys or diabetes.



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Did your vet check for a UTI--you most certainly want to rule out an infection, but, honestly it sounds like an incontinent issue to me. I'm assuming your vet gave you PPA (Proin)--some dogs can act like they got a double espresso when taking that drug--you can lower the dose in time and the side-effects should diminish. As far as her "folds" and her licking it sounds like she needs a episoplasty (vulva tuck).

In the meantime I would keep that area clean--rinsing with diluted chlorhex solution and applying a cream with a small amount of steroid in it like tri-otic, panalog or animax should keep her comfortable.

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Guest brandi007

Sophie has this exact same problem but tends to have it on my bed :(


It's not often enough that I'd put her on the above mentioned medication due to the side effects but it is kind of brutal when it does happen.....I've currently got a Duvet and a feather bed that desperately need a trip to the dry cleaners....


I"ve had to cover my mattress in those new born water proof baby pads, poor ladies! Best of luck

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