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Update On Orion

Guest Siriusly

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Guest Siriusly

Sorry for the delay in giving an update on Orion. He's doing well, just still all bones. On Saturday he was down to 51 lbs even though he had been eating regularly. The vet gave us some high calorie food to supplement his regular food and told us we can feed him up to 8 cups per day :eek of the regular as long as he wants to eat it. So far, he has! The vet wanted him to gain 4 pounds by tomorrow and we're almost there. My husband is shocked he hasn't gained more from the amount he's eating.


The sores on his nose are looking good. They all scabbed over (then he rubbed them off) and all the swelling is gone. Just pink skin now. He always smells good from the sunscreen we have to put on him :wub: . Even though the vet is 99% sure it is lupus, we are taking him in tomorrow for a biopsy to confirm the type. Please keep him in your thoughts! I'll make sure to update with the results.


It has been a long and stressful process but we are getting there! He's acting more normal, wants to run (but we won't let him!) and last night he sang for me for the first time since he got sick. That, more than anything, tells me he's feeling much better.


Thank you to all for your good thoughts and well wishes!

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sending good thoughts and prayers your way. sounds like orion is making progress. continued good wishes for all of you........


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Guest Siriusly

Orion came through the biopsy well. They had to put him all the way out so they cleaned his teeth as well. Love shiny white toofers! I guess we won't get the results of the biopsy until next week sometime but they said he's looking good. Just shy of 54 pounds so didn't quite hit the 4 we were hoping for. That means he gets to continue eating the massive amounts of food he has been for a little longer. Thanks for good thoughts!

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Thanks for the update!


So glad to hear he is feeling better. Glad he's eating too! And shiny white teeth to top it all off. :)


I'm glad to hear he's feeling well enough to sing for you. Must be something that runs in the family, Fenway loves to sing too! I hope you had a nice Fourth of July.

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