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Penny Update - Going Out Swingin'

Guest Tuxsmom

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Guest Tuxsmom

ok, after going through shock & disbelief phase, I am now in DENIAL PHASE !!!!!!


I have re-read the neurological report. I have looked up medical terms. I have researched. I am hopeful! Here are my thoughts:


MRI is a dead end. If it finds tumor, can't afford brain surgery. If it doesn't we didn't learn anything except there's not a brain tumor.


The neurological report said 3 possible causes: brain tumor, infectious/inflammatory, or trauma. The specialist would only discuss brain tumor option.


My vet & I are less fatalistic.


I say "why not treat for inflammation, if it won't hurt anything?" you see, i keep going back to her very first symptoms: stiffness, and reactive yelp to touching neck & skin. That's a response, a reaction to pain. I know my dog. Yes, I know she had seizures the next night. But it was totally different than the first night. My gut says there was pain and that could mean inflammation or infectious disease.


I also asked vet to do a tick panel. She said she would call a colleague of hers, a true neurologist and discuss Penny.


She called me back today and said the neurologist thought the tick panel was a good idea, also suggested thyroid test. Also said cortosteriods were a great idea, maybe even better than phenobarbitol. Of course the neurologist REALLY wanted to do an MRI, but my vet said we were not going that route.


SO....Penny gets tick panel tomorrow and put on steriods. I am so so so so so so hopeful that after steriods, there might be an improvement in her neurologicals. I know that only some infectious diseases are steriod-responsive. But why not give it a shot?


Also, I knew there was a reason I liked my vet. She told me today that she actually graduated from OSU and was in the greyhound program while a student there. She also does not mind me suggesting things, and will say "let me make some phone calls about that", rather than dismiss my ideas or concerns.


and of course I know inflammation and/or infectious diseases are nothing to sneeze at....but i would feel better about one of them than a darned brain tumor.


:hope for Penny !!!!!



oh, and Penny is so happy & active today & yesterday. Really adjusting well to phenobarbitol. Really bouncy and played with her stuffies. Eyesight seems iffy. Just so darned hard to tell.

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Guest Energy11

Hey June! I KNOW WHAT THIS FEELS LIKE! No, I would not operate, either, IF there is a tumor inside Curfew's brain, BUT, at least I'd know. No MRI here, either, ... :-(


WE tried steroids on him ... made him worse. He is a lot better without them. He is on Phenobarb and blood pressure medication, now.


I'd do what we did ... see what works, what doesn't, and go from there. With this type of thing, it is a day by day process, TRUST me.


I still keep both the Valium pills and the trans-rectal Valium on hand at ALL times, even when we go to the vets in the van, just in case.


I am with you on this! Hugs! Dee

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The kitty I mentioned in the other thread--the one that did have an MRI--has a mystery inflammation that has responded to steroids. That's what she would have been given had we not done the MRI. Maybe it will work for Penny. :dunno

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All our prayers are with you and Penny.

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Glad she is feeling good today! Fingers crossed that that continues.

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Guest ShelbyzMom
:hope for Penny and :grouphug for you and Sam. You know I'm here if you need to talk, I still have to give you my phone number :lol Shelby sends gentle hugs to Penny.
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That's the spirit, good for you! It sounds like you and your vet are on the same page and you're both willing to try the alternatives to the MRI. You're right, you know your dog better than anyone else, I hope your gut is right.


I'm so glad to hear Penny is bouncing around and feeling well. You and Penny are in my thoughts.

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I hope you are on the right track with this. Good luck to you and of course to Penny.

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Sounds like a good plan for your girl. You know your Penny better than anyone and your instincts are important to consider. Keep us posted on the Tick panel results. She sounds like she is feeling better.


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Guest Tuxsmom
Just one small question: if it IS a TBD, and you've started steroids, can't the results be catastrophic?


Is starting antibiotics AND steroids an option?


We are doing the tick panel today. How long does it take to get results on a tick panel? My vet said we would do the panel first, but I forgot to ask how long it takes to find out. She said she would have the steriods ready to go. If you are right about that, I'm assuming she would not have me start them until we know?


I will qeustion this before starting Penny on them, I will ask about the antibiotics & steriods together.


Also, I'm expecting a call from OSU today. I have a list of questions. I will put this at top.

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Guest Tenderhearts

Sometimes thinking outside the box is a good idea. When Toby had the acute flareup in his back and his hind legs gave out, the initial dose of oral pred (plus the shot she gave him) weren't really helping. I did call and ask about increasing the pred, which she didn't think would help, but said I could give it a try.


He improved on the higher dose of pred (he's been off of it for several weeks now). :)

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To me, your approach makes terrific sense. Your instinct that the seizures may be secondary to something else, perhaps TBD or infection/inflammation sounds spot on.


One thing my vet mentioned on the issue of doing an MRI to check for brain tumor was that, if a tumor was present, we'd know soon enough because of increasing neurological symptoms--grim but true. Seizure have an almost endless array of possible causes and when they are secondary to something else, treating that something else is the ticket.


Sending prayers and best wishes for Penny.





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I would do the same thing as you're doing. :hope for Penny!

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Guest Tuxsmom

should have tick panel results back tomorrow or the next day. Penny had a tick panel just in February (my vet does it automatically with annual - i didnt know that ). Everything was fine then. She also did a specific one for babesia, just in case.


Will start steroids tonight. If we need to , we can take her off of them tomorrow. she'll just have 2 pills by then.


Talked to DVM at OSU. aghh..he had so much good information, but I was having a very hard time understanding his accent :( :( :( :( I didn't want to keep asking him to repeat himself, so I'm going to email him to clear up some points.


I did catch that he does not see too many cases of TBD in greyhounds with Penny's clinical signs. So it is truly a longshot, but what the hey...


He wants us to pull spinal fluid (i think?) CSF? Says we can get some answers without expense of MRI. But the specialist i went to said SHE wouldn't feel comfortable doing it, and I haven't asked my primary vet yet. Must be a delicate thing to do.


thanks everyone!

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