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Greta Back/behavior Update

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Vet yesterday. Good news is that Greta's probable groin strain is definitely healed--but back is still not right. NOT happy to learn that some blood tests results were not good a year ago and I was never informed! Full blood work-up done again yesterday and vet will call Monday with results. He will probably want to do laser treatments--he does it on himself as well as dogs! He was in a rush yesterday so didn't talk much. I don't know the cost of laser--probably too much. sorry to be choppy--stung on wrist and typing irritates!



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Hi Jane,


I remember meeting Greta - she was Chester's little mini-me :-) You are in my area, so what vet are you using? I would be very frustrated to find out that I didn't hear about less than perfect blood results until sometime came up a year later!!


Dr. Bob at North Laurel Animal Hospital is a big fan of the laser.. we had it used once on Drake's mouth after he was punctured by another one of our hound's teeth - I'm not sure if it helped or not, but the wound healed cleanly anyway, and it wasn't very expensive as I recall. I wonder if we use the same vet?


I'm glad her groin is healed up.. but am sorry to hear her back isn't. I've got my fingers crossed that she feels better soon!

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Oh Jane - what a wonderful picture of Chester and Greta! :wub: :wub: :wub:


I don't suppose you'd be willing to email me the full-sized version of that? Chester crossed the bridge in late March this year from Hemangiosarcoma, and we really miss our goofy guy.


If you saw Dr. Bob on Friday you know he fired Dr. Adsit - so that's taken care of at least. I thought her total opposite style to Dr. Bob's was valuable at times, but I agree I prefer Dr. Bob overall. I'm looking forward to meeting the new vet he's hired though.. she starts in a couple of weeks.


Regarding the laser - We only had it used once, but it wasn't too prohibitive on Drake's mouth. He seems very up on using it, for sure! LOL


Hugs to you and sweet Greta!

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