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Cause Of Teds Death/a Better Day?

Guest tedsmom

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Guest tedsmom

in response to the following qoute from a fellow poster

"Possible causes of death, of course can be numerous. I also assume you live out in the country since you mentioned horses in a previous post. I was thinking that possibly there is something toxic on your property, whether it is in the soil(possibly someone has dumped some kind of toxic material on your property), some free standing water that is contaminated or possibly some kind of toxic plant, it is spring time and greyhounds are notorious for grazing. Greyhounds are very suseptible to toxins and their reactions to the toxins can occur rapidly in compared to other breeds. I don't know what breed of dog Britty is, but if there is some kind of toxin on your property she and possibly the horses may be at risk too. It is possible that a autopsy can still be performed even though some time has passed, if there is some type of toxin, the vet might be able to isolate what it is or they may find he had some other health problem, possibly knowing the answer may help to ease your grief. "


my roommate cathy is a vet tech and we are cautious about anything toxic on the property-we use natural fly spray for the horses, etc. we do not even fertilize the lawn with chemicals--we thought about something toxic but britty (who is a brittney spaniel btw--i know, original name) and marni and bullet, the other dogs are fine and show no signs of any type of toxicity. the more she and i talk and the more hours i spend researching causes of death of greyhounds the more i think it and my vet think it was a clot or aneurysm. but that does not take away my guilt of thinking i should have done something, anything, to keep him from dying.


i lost my other hound lovey due to a freak auto accident in which everyone but lovey was fine-it was tragic and traumatic and still haunts me. it was nothing mysterious as it was with ted---just mysterious why she was taken from me so quickly and in such a tragic way.


there is no way i could disturb ted's grave for an autospsy-i feel that would be an insult to him and it would probably send me over the edge i am teetering on now.


there have been no tears today-i dont think i have any left and i talked a long time tonight with a friend who just met ted 10 days before he died. thru the week she has seen me go from borderline peace to beating the well out of myself. i said tonight at least he was happy when he was taken from me and she asked me if i truely believed that or if i still blamed myself---i told her to ask me again in 5 minutes because i go back and forth.


from what i have read, grief is not a stair step process...one can go from denial to anger to guilt back to anger back to denial, etc. it is not like one stage passes and you will never go back. well, i believe that because i am all over the scale.


today was the first time i meet my ex husband to pick the kids up without ted in a while-the car seems so empty. britty stayed home because she has no desire to even go outside, let alone in the car. the kids were devastated-i visibly watched my 10 year old withdraw into himself even more so than he already is, if thats possible. my 6 year old was worried that ted had his blankie and stiffie with him and thinks ted went to be grandpas dog in heaven--i told him he was right. when our cat died last year and we buried him, alex spent hours decorating his grave with a chair, pots and pans, weeds, flowers, baling twine, and who knows what else---he explained to me why he put each item there and his reasoning for why frances needed it with him---i guess that is his way of grieving. he will probably do the same for ted. cathy and i are planning huge flower garden for the grave sites for ted and stestson, the dog she lost last year--they are resting together side by side.


my wrist is better today as well, which gives me a little hope that i may pull thru and be able to cope with this rheumatoid arthritis thing. i just wish my heart would start to mend.


i am attaching a picture that alex the 6 year old drew of ted tonight---i think ted would have liked it-- britty starts treatment 2 and 3 for her heartworm on monday and i hope her spirits rise before then-she needs every ounce of energy and faith she has.


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Guest mleg2001

The kennel here lost a 2 year old from a stroke or possible aneurysm before he had a chance to find his way to a forever home

around this time last year. I learned of his passing the day I adopted my young senior. I had lost my heartdog at the tender age of 8 some 12 years earlier due to a battle with a longterm illness, it has only been in the last few months that I learned the reasons for his illness. Even now when I read a particular post or when Christmas nears( it was just before Christmas I helped him cross the bridge) my eyes will fiil with tears and all the memories of him wash over me. It took me several months after his passing before I was ready to adopt again. I have lost other dogs since, but never has one affect me as much as his passing did.


Ted was a very special boy, he was very lucky to have you for his mom to love him like you did.

Alex is quite talented for 6 years old :)

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Guest TorynUs

Aren't childrens' drawings wonderful? I see in the drawing Ted is smiling---that says a lot and hopefully helps your heart to heal. Your child even knew Ted was happy, and pups can't ask for much more than happiness and love. I think Ted had both.

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