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Traumeel Brand

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I have a trip to the vet tomorrow and would like to discuss trying traumeel to reduce/eliminate meloxicam..I looked online and see there are a couple different brands:I have seen Heel and BHI..probably more. Is one specific brand preferred over the others? thanks. Donna

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Are all of the ingredients safe - for dogs? I would like to try this also for me and my one pup!


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I didn't know there were more than one. I've always used the Traumeel Gel.

Although I would say it's no match for Metcam or the generic. Homeopathic remedies are great but not to take the place of a pain killer like this. Obviously, this is just my opinion, see what others think.


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Guest greyt2love

Traumeel from Heel is what I have. I'm planning to order the gel, too, because there are times I think it would be easier to use than the tablets.

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