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Triple Antibiotic Cream

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I posted sunday about Garry cutting his leg outside..vet opted to treat medically for a couple days to see how he does (he doesn't lick) Anyway. he gave him baytril and me an antibiotic wash and triple antibiotic cream. said he wanted the air at it. we are supposed to go back tonite to have him checked. My question: last nite after washing him up...while waiting for him to dry up before putting the cream on, I fell asleep. So i had just rinsed him with epsom salt water,and washed with the wash..(cant remember the name). this morning the wound looked much drier and better...wouldn't the antibiotic cream KEEP the air from getting to it? thanks

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thank you. there was a bit of bleeding around the edges this morning when I washed him up. I was hoping to avoid going to the vet for a checkup..but I guess I should have him look at it just to be sure. Compared to all the sad postings I see here, this is nothing. I am thankful for that! and wish all pups well!

Thanks. Donna

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Guest LindsaySF

I'm not a big fan of antibiotic creams. In a lot of cases, it seals moisture into the wound and it takes longer to heal. Usually it is best to let the wound air out and scab over. If infection is a concern then antibiotic pills are good, which you have.


Hope he heals well soon. :)



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