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How Often Do You Walk Your Grey?

Guest shelbygirl07

How Often Do You Walk?  

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  1. 1. Frequency

    • Twice (or more) Daily
    • Once Daily
    • Once a Week
    • Twice a week
    • Three times a week
    • Four Times a week
    • Sometimes but not reguarly
    • Never, the only exercise they get is in the back yard
  2. 2. How long are your walks?

    • Just take them out to potty
    • 15 Minutes
    • 20 Minutes
    • 30 Minutes
    • 45 Minutes
    • 1 Hour
    • 2 or more hours
  3. 3. How Do You Walk Them?

    • I leisurely walk them, allowing my grey to stop me constantly and do what ever they want to do
    • I leisurely walk them, allowing my grey to stop me sometimes
    • I walk at a decent pace with them but still let them stop me and do what ever they want
    • I walk at a decent pace with them but they don't get to stop everytime they want, only occassionally
    • I almost power walk with them and they don't get to stop unless i am ready to
    • I jog with them and they don't get to stop until i am ready to
    • I hike with them more than "walk" with them
    • I can't describe how i walk with my grey

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Guest shelbygirl07

The walking of a dog is kind of a topic of debate for me. Being on the behavioral end of the canine world, it has come to be known that most people don't walk their dogs. They allow them in the back yard to just run around and they think that is proper exercise. Due to one reason or another, they just prefer not to walk their dogs. I find big problems with this.

I am not going to slam anyone or debate the walk with anyone, i am just curious to see what the greyhound world feels is adequate exercise for their dogs.


I have written a manual called "let's migrate". One of my students works for a publisher and she took it to her boss (after she read it the night i handed it out in class), who was interested in publishing it. I am not sure what will happen with it, not that i really care if it gets published. It was mainly written as a guide for my students and clients to understand why walking is so important. I was just curious as to what everyone's thoughts are on the topic of walking your dog.


Please feel free to comment on the survey and discuss it, openly. Everyone has their own opinions and i am open to all points of view.

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I'm not really sure how to answer.... :blush I KNOW we should walk Rainy more but she seems to be fine with the current routine. She always gets 4 short potty walks a day. We don't have the luxury of a backyard.


Then we try to get her out and doing stuff as much as possible on the weekend. Dog park, playing with me parents pups, going for a long walk in the park, exploring new parks, etc


During the week she's lucky if she gets 1-3 short 30 minute walks at a local park. Normally it's 1 walk there a week. Lately because of the weather it's been too dangerous to walk so we've been playing run around the apt games. Or finding yummy things to chew on to drain energy.


I usually let her sniff around at the beginning and end of every walk. The rest of the walk is all business! Well sometimes... I have to get a little more strict about that :lol It's a work in progress




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Mine get backyard exercise and play time, but we also walk them daily.


I chose 30 minutes as our walk length but in truth it can be as quick as 20 minutes and as long as well over an hour. We also walk in different areas... we'll take them to the city and walk at one of the many large parks available.


I do believe that walking is a big part of their mental health, IF the dogs are capable of handling the strange environment. What I mean by that is when Uber first came home, I couldn't take him to novel places without him being extremely difficult to control and manage. He was just too freaked out.

They do seem more relaxed when they've been walked regularly, but it could be that this is what my dogs are used to as well. Uber is quite a little time piece and does remind us daily of our obligation. ;)


That being said, angel Icarus walked because it made me happy, but he was completely content to just stay at home and veg. If given the option, he would certainly choose to stay at home. :lol


So I guess, my opinion would be based on the dog in question.

Jennifer and Beamish (an unnamed Irish-born Racer) DOB: October 30, 2011


Forever and always missing my "Vowels", Icarus, Atlas, Orion, Uber, and Miss Echo, and Mojito.

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Guest IzzysMom

It was hard to answer length of walks because they vary throughout the day. I don't have a yard, so Izzy gets at least four walks a day unless he has been to daycare all day, and then it is usually three. (His choice, I can't get him off the sofa for anything after a full day of playing.) He gets a long one (40 - 45 minutes) first thing in the morning, a short one (5 - 10 minutes) right before I leave for work, a 20 - 25 minute walk when I get home from work, and then depending on the weather, if it isn't too hot or cold (or dangerous from the ice) we do one last walk that ranges from 5 - 45 minutes. If he has been to the dog park or daycare, he just isn't too interested in walking very long because he has used up his energy. The reason I waited twenty years to get a dog is because I knew it would take this much commitment to have one and I wanted to be sure I was able to give him the exercise and time he needed.

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I feel very sorry for dogs who don't get enough exercise. Their lives must be really boring. I feel that it's really important to walk dogs, not just take them out into the backyard, because the backyard is nowhere near as tiring and mentally stimulating as a walk.


When we first adopted Merlin, we lived in an apartment, so we walked him four times a day. Two of those were just walks to the end of the road, i.e pee breaks (lunch time and last thing at night). The other two consisted of a 45-minute walk in the morning, 6.15am-7am, and a 30-40 minute walk in the afternoon around 5pm. We bought a house with a fenced-in yard last year, which we now use ONLY for pee breaks and zoomies. We always told ourselves that we would never use the backyard as a substitute for walks, and we have stuck to that. I just don't think it's fair to the dogs to leave them couped up in the house all day and just let them out to relieve themselves. What kind of an existence is that? It's asking for behavioral issues to develop. In my neighborhood there are SO many dogs, yet I hardly ever meet any in the morning when I'm out with the hounds. There are maybe two or three of us who actually walk their dogs daily. It's so sad.


And don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't understand some of the reasons people offer for not walking their dogs... for example, the fear that their dog will be attacked, or an injury, etc. The truth is, though, that you owe it to your dog to walk her or him, and if you won't walk your dog, then maybe you shouldn't have one. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but I feel so much for dogs who are never or rarely allowed out of the house for a nice walk. If you can't walk your dog because of an injury, that's understandable, but you should consider hiring a dog walker. If you can walk, get out there and exercise. It's good for you and it will strengthen your bond with your dog immensely.


Most of the time, though, I think it's just laziness on people's part. Believe me, I am NOT a morning person, and I hate getting up. But I do it because I made a commitment and I realize that it's a part of my dogs' life that they need and find fulfilling. Also, Merlin was attacked last summer and I am still scared of going out, but I am not going to let fear turn the house into a prison. We'll keep going out, and we'll take precautions, be it a stick, spray, or both.


Naturally, my comments only apply to healthy dogs with no medical issues. There are plenty of exceptions and I totally understand that people need to make the best decision for their dog(s) in that case.


Kerry with Lupin in beautiful coastal Maine. Missing Pippin, my best friend and sweet little heart-healer :brokenheart 2013-2023 :brokenheart 
Also missing the best wizard in the world, Merlin, and my sweet 80lb limpet, Sagan, every single day. 

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I try to walk them every day for about 45 minutes a day. This winter has been difficult with the frigid temps, though, so we are just getting back into it. Kerry, like you, our backyard is for zoomies, but as it's covered with a sheet of ice and my house is all hardwood floors, the dogs have nowhere to run! I feel like if I don't walk my dogs they will go nuts! I vary their walks, we have 5 or 6 different routes we go on so that they won't get bored.

Pam with Sockem the GH, Birdie the JRT, Osorno the chocolate lab, and Shelby the shepherd mix. Missing Clarice (1991-2007) and Lily (2004-2012), always in our hearts.

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We walk 2x daily. It can be a pain in the neck, with a baby at home, but we do it. It's good for us and the dog. We take the baby along as often as the weather allows, because it's good for him too.


Christie and Bootsy (Turt McGurt and Gil too)
Loving and missing Argos & Likky, forever and ever.
~Old age means realizing you will never own all the dogs you wanted to. ~

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I start walking dogs at 5:30 am. I "interval jog" (jog for a bit, stop to sniff and pee, jog for a bit) with two of them ranging from 1 to 1.75 miles in the morning. Longer distances when the weather isn't so nasty. Then, I walk the other two for a much shorter distance. My female broke a hock while racing and limps (I was told no running with her or zoomies) and my whippet is 12 and not in very good health. However, everyone gets out to sniff and investigate and relieve themselves before being tucked into the house for the day. They get 2 more turnouts into the backyard before I leave for work. All 4 are walked together when I get home and I try to go a different route, but they have their preferences as to where they want to go. My son will turn them out after school and my husband turns them out again when he gets home before I do. They are in the backyard again several times in the evening before bed. My youngest grey, 2.5, really needs to get out a lot. I think his bladder is the same size as his brain! Plus, a couple of good walks, as everyone knows, makes for good pups! They all look forward to their outings. I do let them dictate the walks (within reason) because they are for the dogs. I spent all day running up and down stairs and don't feel the need to get around the block!


Cindy with Miss Fancypants, Paris Bueller, Zeke, and Angus 
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We don't have a fenced in yard, so Roscoe gets two 5 minute potty breaks, as well as 2 walks per day. The morning walk is about 15 minutes, and the afternoon/evening walk is 20-45 minutes depending on the weather. since winter came along the walks have gotten shorter, but I still bring him out, no matter how cold or rainy. It's good for the both of us to get out. When the warm weather hits, the walks will get longer.


On weekends we also do a meet and greet and hit the ball field for a good run.


Lisa with Finnegan (Nina's Fire Fly) and Sage (Gil's Selma). Always missing Roscoe
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Guest ArtysPeople

Oops. I accidentally voted for "I walk at a decent pace with them but still let them stop me and do what ever they want" when I meant to vote for "I walk at a decent pace with them but they don't get to stop everytime they want, only occassionally".


In reality, we do what most people would consider a "power walk", it's just that I'm tall so I walk fast anyhow, and he prefers a faster pace. Also, I plan to start jogging again with him once the ice melts again.


I also put that we walk for 20 minutes each time, but when it was really cold out (like, highs in the single digits F) I cut it back to just far enough to do the business (around the block at most), and supplemented with lots of indoor play. In summer, our walks are more like 45 mins. - 1 hour. This time of year, though, the route that I like to take that goes that far is blocked by a snow bank nearly as tall as I am. :(


The shorter the walk is, the much more likely I am to let him stop and sniff and do whatever he wants. I think that walking with me in the lead (as advocated by Cesar Millan, among others) has a positive influence on our relationship. However, since we don't have a fenced yard, the walks are often his only time outdoors, so I also think of them as his "enrichment activities" time. I don't know how else to explain it, except to say that he's a very scent-motivated hound who obviously gets a lot of pleasure out of being able to "track" scents, so I make sure to let him do it during certain parts of every walk. This means that for certain parts of the walk (and when it's a very short walk, it might be the entire walk), he gets to lead, and to say when we stop and for how long.

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It depends on Ozzy's mood, for us. He doesn't like the cold and snow, so when it's really cold we don't go out for very long. We live in an apartment right now, so we take him outside 4 times a day to potty, no matter what. When the weather is nice I take him for 2 walks a day, 30-60 minutes long. On weekends, DH jogs with him for about 20 minutes. If the weather is not nice, we walk circles around our building in the shoveled area for 10-20 minutes.


We're working on getting him to be more confident outside, so whether we power walk or stop and sniff is up to him. He used to "statue" every single time we went outside, but now he'll only do it if there's something really scary (loud people/kids, a person on a bike or a person pushing a cart or stroller).

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Guest saltwaterron

i walk riley once a day weather permitting. our backyard is fenced in and she does like to run. of course, there are days we don't go for a walk due to busy schedule and i feel badly about it but sometimes life happens.

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Guest EmbersDad

i walk althea and jed once a day for at least 30 minutes. we go at my pace and i have sniffing zones...wooded areas along the path...where i let them stop and do their thing. i believe it most certainly helps cement us together as a pack, and furthers the bond between jed and althea.

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Difficult to answer accurately with one almost 14 year old hound in the mix. Future only wants to walk for about 20 minutes once a day these days. We go at his pace and let him do whatever he wants to do.


The girls (almost 8 year old Pearl and almost 5 year old Tru) are obviously much younger and require more exercise. They will get a 45 minute walk at least once a day, twice a day when there is sufficient light. Always with weather permitting.


The dogs do have a fenced in yard they can access by a dog door if they want to. Pearl is the only one who will use the door so far. During nice weather, we leave the slider door open for Future and Tru to get out there.


My dogs also get quite a bit of off leash time as well. I can't agree strongly enough with you. Exercise is very important for a healthy, happy dog.

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Guest IGmom4now

My guys get walked daily (once), but there's structured and unstructured play time in the backyard. One is for exercise (backyard) and one is for mental stimulation and discipline, and pack balance (walking).

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I walk my four dogs once daily on a loose lead, and twice daily if I can. We don't power walk, but we don't stop to sniff either.


Our regimen has changed slightly now that Julio and Echo can't go the distance that Dazzle and Ford can, so they go on morning walks but stay home if we take an evening walk.


Walking is EXTREMELY beneficial for both canine and human alike. It is therapeutic and can help to heal arguably any physical or spiritual injury. This quote applies to horses but I think Thomas Teskey (D.V.M.) has it right when he says "movement breathes life in to lame horses like Bute never could." I can apply that to my own life and say that daily walks give me more energy than caffeine ever has, and it helps my dogs in the same way. They're so much happier and healthier when we're walking daily. :)

| Rachel | Dewty, Trigger, and Charlotte | Missing Dazzle, Echo, and Julio |

Learn what your greyhound's life was like before becoming part of yours!
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We always told ourselves that we would never use the backyard as a substitute for walks, and we have stuck to that. I just don't think it's fair to the dogs to leave them couped up in the house all day and just let them out to relieve themselves.


What about if you're not only letting them in the backyard to relieve themselves, but also to play? DH and I rarely walk ours, but when we let them out, they're out for usually a half an hour to play, and we go in the backyard to roughhouse and spend time with them as well.


We take them on walks in spurts. When it's dang cold, they don't get walked for a month at a time, but when it's nice out, we'll walk them 1-4 times a week. It depends on what's happening in life, as well.

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Guest BooBooMama

I fully agree with you- leash walking is a must. Running in the yard is not a substitute IMO. Walks help you to bond with your dog and it is a really big aid in training.

We had sub-zero temps for 6 weeks here and BooBoo could only go in the yard for 10 minutes tops. I swear she went stir crazy (poor baby.) This week we have had a warming trend and we are back at it. She is much happier and more obedient.

If anyone that has a problem with dominance- I recommend leash walks.


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Guest greymama002

Ruffie & Pulsar really enjoy their walks in the mornings & evenings! We were walking at least 30 minutes, often 45, twice a day, but if it drops to single digits or below, we just walk 15-20 minutes and then have a few zoomies around the dog pen. Pulsar is not a fan of heavy rain, but wearing a coat, he will do some walking in the rain, but doesn't stop to sniff much. Ruffie absolutely LOVES to track scents, he will walk right into any deer tracks he finds in the snow, and follow them to the end of his leash. He won't hestitate to climb right up a snow bank to follow a scent trail. Once he even did a poo up on a snow bank!

We do try to vary our route for fun, and in better weather, we have some off-road trails near woods that they really enjoy walking through.

Like others have said, we don't meet many people out walking their dogs in our neighborhood, but are often barked at by dogs left outside in their yard alone who seem to wish they were being taken for walks too.


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The walking of a dog is kind of a topic of debate for me. Being on the behavioral end of the canine world, it has come to be known that most people don't walk their dogs. They allow them in the back yard to just run around and they think that is proper exercise. Due to one reason or another, they just prefer not to walk their dogs. I find big problems with this.

To me letting them run around a HUGE backyard at warp speed chasing each other, the trash truck or other things far outweighs anything I could do trotting behind them holding onto a a leash in the name of exercise. My guys get walked once day weather permitting but that is mostly to check P-mail and get enrichment as opposed to exercise.

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Guest SoulsMom

Too dangerous around here to walk with just one person and no "lookout". That said, Soul hates being outside in the winter anyway and would much rather play with his stuffies in the warmth of the house. In the nicer months we play in the backyard, and meet up with friends for walks on the weekends. He also has his meet and greets to work which he loves. I *do* have to limit his activity somewhat because of his nail issues due to his lupus.


Before Archie got old (and before I lived here) we would go on walks all the time. Now Archie is much more interested in sleeping :rolleyes:

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We walk or jog twice a day, minimum 30 minutes each walk, usually more like 45-60 minutes, plus two hour trips to the local dogpark on weekends. And , of course, several potty walks per day since I don't have a yard. I like to walk and jog as an antidote to a high stress job, so I asked for an active dog when I adopted. Generally, I give him latitude to sniff and meet the many neighbor dogs, but I do like to keep it moving.


I am very glad, however, that as much as we both like to walk, Ogie doesn't seem to actually need that much walking. He had a scraped foot for a while, and I've been sick, so there have been days, even weeks, that we did the minimum potty walks. He was fine, didn't go crazy and destroy everything. What a great dog - active and fun when I want him to be, quietly roached on his bed the rest of the time. He makes my cat look high maintenance in comparison :lol

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Doc gets walked three times a day, adding up to about an hour and a half to two hours daily. The morning walk will usually include some offleash time in a local park (though not this morning as there were suddenly a lot of strange dogs around). He loves his walks and is always up for a longer excursion - he will happily to do eight or ten miles, especially if we stop for a pub lunch in the middle!


I do think walking a dog is vital, for its mental as well as its physical wellbeing (and also good for the owner - I feel a lot healthier for our walks too!). Here in the UK having a dog and not walking it is still thank goodness frowned on. I know things are a bit different in the US, that in some areas you have a loose dog problem and that many of you have bigger yards for exercise too. Maybe the outside walks are less important if you have a big yard and several dogs so that they can make their own fun...


... However even if I had a garden the size of the one at Buckingham Palace and more than one greyhound I'd still want to take them for walks! They take so much pleasure in getting out and about. Doc came to me fresh from the adoption kennels, and with a high prey drive, so walking him started out as a steep learning curve for both of us, but right from the beginning it was lovely to see how much pleasure he had in learning about his new wider world.


Something that proved very helpful was taking a mixed-breed obedience class here in London called something like 'learning to be a good dog about town'. Doc was there to socialise with other breeds for the first time as much as anything, but the whole course was great because much of the emphasis was on good manners for the pavement and the park. I would recommend such a course (with a good trainer) for anyone nervous about walking their dogs - I learnt a lot about other dogs' body language in particular from doing it.


These days Doc is a well-socialised and -mannered dog who I can happily take anywhere - on the tube, train or bus as well as on foot - despite his size. He's a PAT (Pets As Therapy) dog too, and goes visiting once a week at a local centre for the adult disabled down the road. He's very happy with his life, and the walks are an important part of that.


Clare with Tiger (Snapper Gar, b. 18/05/2015), and remembering Ken (Boomtown Ken, 01/05/2011-21/02/2020) and Doc (Barefoot Doctor, 20/08/2001-15/04/2015).

"It is also to be noted of every species, that the handsomest of each move best ... and beasts of the most elegant form, always excel in speed; of this, the horse and greyhound are beautiful examples."----Wiliam Hogarth, The Analysis of Beauty, 1753.

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Guest longdogs

My answer would have been different a couple of years ago when my hound(s) were younger and fitter. I walked them longer, further and faster. Angel is now an old girl with a little arthritis and we've adjusted our schedule to suit, even so, her walks are still the highlight of her day. IMO most dogs, including many of the the greys on this forum, don't get walked nearly enough. I've had the most fun with my greys while walking them and it is important to our relationship. Some walks are better than others but I never feel inclined to miss one.

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I don't think you can generalise about what's best for every dog. I voted for walking mine every day, but that's not quite true because we don't go if it's snowy, raining or too hot because the dogs just don't enjoy it and/or it could be dangerous. The days that we do walk, we walk for between 20-90 minutes. If time is short, we just have an on-lead walk around the local area, which to be honest the dogs seem to find pretty boring. The only walks they get really excited about are the ones where we go somewhere nice in the car and they can have a run off-lead. They absolutely love those walks and we try to do it at least once a week but that's not always possible because of the weather or time constraints. I don't let them run on snowy or muddy ground for fear of injury. The days that we don't go out they certainly don't seem to care at all but we do have a nice big garden for them to wander round.


When a relationship of love is disrupted, the relationship does not cease. The love continues; therefore, the relationship continues. The work of grief is to reconcile and redeem life to a different love relationship. ~ W Scott Lineberry

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