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An "indelicate" Problem...

Guest BlueCrab

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Guest BlueCrab

Trixie has a kind of messy "girl area" that the vet has looked at numerous times without coming up with any diagnosis. Trixie tends to be kind of leaky and dirty down there and her tail will stain in that area, so we do daily maintenance of gently cleaning her area and the corresponding stain on her tail.


But that's not my problem. In the course of doing her daily maintenance, we'll also wipe by her pooper if she's got some dirt there as well. Yesterday, in the course of the daily maintenance, I found a series of small, cyst-looking, pimple-like sacks around her pooper. Three on the bottom and one on the side. Three of the four are quite tiny...maybe the size of a dull pencil point; the fourth is somewhat bigger...maybe this size: O. They don't seem to cause her pain, although it's a little difficult to tell since she's a little flinchy when I'm doing the daily maintenance anyway.


When we do the daily maintenance, I usually use a damp, warm paper towel and I'm careful and gentle with the areas. I'm also careful about avoiding cross-contamination by using a couple different soaked towels in the process, throwing them away as I go and washing my hands often.


Any idea what these pimple/cysts could be? They look to me more cyst-like than like traditional pimples that you picture kids get. Does this sound like vet-visit-worthy?

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Guest LoveMyJoseyBean

I have seem some other posts here describing something similar...requires a simple surgery to fix the problem. I cannot remember what it's called, but I am sure someone else has the answer.

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Huh. Carolyn, I have no idea what that might be. I think I'd take a trip to the vet. Autoimmune conditions may present with skin problems in areas of "softer" skin (e.g., mucous membranes such as the nose, around the eyes and vagina; I'm sure the skin around the anus could be affected as well). Might want to have a vet look at her and run an ANA/Coombs if necessary. I believe though, that autoimmune skin issues look more like blisters than pimples or cysts. Hope you can get the bottom of it. :goodluck

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Guest Winterwish

If it hasn't been done already maybe treating for a urinary tract infec.? or treating it as a fungal infection with a run of Flagyl?


For the cleansing,there's a benzoly peroxide cleanser specifically for dogs. If you're not using that already there's one called Vet Solutions BPO 3 shampoo,but there are other kinds too.

If you do use it it should be diluted to 1 part of the shampoo to 3 part water if you do use it. But I wouldn't use it everyday,maybe once every 3 days fro that particular medicated soap. That way the skin intergrity isn't compromised. Then I'd comtinue with the cleaning you're already doing. But it can be very important to add such a soap in Trixie's case,and drying as much as possible with blotting with paper towels as you've been.


Then maybe following up with a neomycin ointment in a thin layer,including in the lips of her vulva. You can buy a box of gloves or ask your vet for some,or even finger cots to apply it. But again,only a thin layer.



Sounds like you're doing a great job in helping Trixie and I hope you find a solution soon. :dogcookie:dogcookie



edited to add,if you do go with treating this as a candidal problem,considering looking into probiotics as another angle in possible treating it?

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