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Mouse Is Sick Again *new Update Post 1*

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I can't really post too much right now... all I know is that it may or may not be related to her ehrlichia. She tried to bloat twice over the weekend and now she has fluid in her abdomen (and poss. her stomach, too) but it's hard to tell. Regardless or what it is, it isn't good. The earliest she can get in for an ultrasound is tomorrow and I feel like that is weeks away.


She needs the power of GT to help her through this. And so do I. I feel like I'm suffocating. I don't know what I can do to help her.


Thank you.




Mouse seems okay today (and I'm better, too... Rescue Remedy is some good stuff :) ). Her stomach looks less distended to me but I'm not getting my hopes up too high right now. She has a quick ultrasound (i.e. free... which is always good) this afternoon with a vet who coming out to our clinic to see another dog. He's just going to look quickly to see what he can find... either fluid or tumor/mass. My vet has also talked to the internist across the street who did Mouse's ultrasound in December. She really thinks we should do the liver biopsy but says that there are risks, of course. We could also start her on pred/metronidazole combo to see what happens. The biopsy would tell us if there is copper hepatopathy or some other underlying thing that may need additional meds. However, she said the most likely course of treatment would still be pred and metronidazole. So I don't know what to do. I don't want the surgery risks (bleeding out, anesthesia, trouble healing) but I also don't want to not do it. She seems pretty stable right now. She wants to eat and she is still spunky but she is also not well, if that makes sense. She hates leaving our house and doesn't do well in strange places... I just don't know what to do.


Afternoon update:


The ultrasound was done and I still don't have any answers... however, I feel better. There wasn't anything blatantly evil in there!!! YAY! But still no definite explanations as to WHAT the H-E-double hockey sticks is going on! We've sent off more blood to see what where her values are this week. Also starting amoxicillin with the metronidazole... but no pred for now. Oh, and the ultrasound did show that her intestines are angry and inflamed and spasming.


I'll post more tomorrow!!




Bloodwork results are in front of me... it looks better for the most part than last week's. What that means I don't know but I'll be calling to leave a message for the internist and we'll go from there. I did have a conversation with my vet yesterday afternoon and the internist told her that she wouldn't recommend a liver biopsy. Of course that was a "behind the scenes" admission and she could never tell it to a "normal" client... fortunately I'm not normal so I don't think we'll be going with the liver biopsy. After talking to her today, we'll probably start Mouse on pred and continue with the metronidazole, amoxicillin, actigall and the Chinese herbs that our holistic vet friend is also recommending. I don't think I wrote that on Monday... we have a vet who comes here who practices holistic medicine/acupuncture/chiropractic medicine and she came by on her day off to do some acupuncture on Mouse and to give her a holistic exam. She told me that Mouse had a spleen deficiency and she needed to be on a couple of Chinese herbs for that... the weird thing is that the ultrasound yesterday did show an enlarged (even for a greyhound) spleen but the vets are not worried about it at this time.


Anyway, she's not out of the woods yet but I'm not nearly as freaked as I was over the weekend and Monday. Thank you for your support and prayers. GTers are the best people in the world!!!!!

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Sending prayers and white light. :grouphug


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sending you and Mouse all the white light I can muster!!!!!! :hope:candle:hope:candle:hope:candle:hope:candle

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Sending positive thoughts and white lights to Mouse.



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Adding our prayers and lots of white light to your sweet girl. Hoping that they can get everything cleared up and make her comfortable and happy again, not to mention, getting you breathing again. You are right, tomorrow seems like forever when you are going through something like this. Sending hugs and scritches.

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We're here for you sending lots of good thoughts and prayers.


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