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Spinal Infarction

Guest Marley

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My dog Marley has been diagnosed with a "spinal infarction" and my doc isn't offering much in the way of treatment. I have been reading about the condition and I am concerned that she is right. Any advice?

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Take a looky here regarding Altus and his FCE incident: http://greyhound.mousetrap.net/altus/fce.html



I don't have any personal experience with this. It does seem that, with supportive care, many dogs recover reasonable mobility and a good quality of life. Sometimes that can take time.


Hugs and best luck for you and Marley.

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Its the equivent of a stroke within the spinal cord.


This as it pertains to humans


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Sending prayers for Marley. Hope some steroids can lead to some improvement.

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Our boy suffered a FCE, I would write and tell you all about it but it would take forever...please see the links below







Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions!


btw...Mr. Alan is going to be 10 years old and he is doing wonderful! He still does not have 100% use of his rear left leg, but he is leading a pretty normal life....goes on long walks, runs with the other hounds, plays with the hounds...the only thing he can't do is climb stairs if they are too steep and narrow.


Best of luck to you!


...wanted to add that really, the only way to say absolutely for sure that it is FCE is to do a MRI. Also, getting high doses of steroids as soon as the injury occurs is very essential in the long term effects that it will have on your hound. There is a much better prognosis for the dog if high doses of steroids are given within 24 hrs of the injury.

Hydrotherapy is a greyt way of reducing muscle atrophy and providing some relief to the dog and sometimes even improve the limited mobility.

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Our girl Cricket had something like that. She had two incidents of in. Please see page two of the attached newsletter article.




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