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Update On Banjo's Thyroid

Guest deanna

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After a couple weeks of phone tag, I finally got to talk to Banjo's vet. (She has a small window of time for phone consults) Turns out that it was a different vet at the practice that read the blood test results than who examined Banjo in the office.


We talked about her results, and different schools of thought on greyhound thyroid levels. We talked about hypo-thyroid symptoms, and how Banjo has none (on her current dose). We talked about how she's been on .5 Soloxine for years, and does better on it than off of it. She took another look at her blood work and decided after talking to me about it - at length! - that Jo's going to be fine on her .5 dose, and that I have nothing to worry about.


And even if she was low, and in need of a higher dose, that there was really no danger of longstanding effects -- especially since she's exhibited no physical/health changes.


She also said that if I do notice any changes, she knows a good greyhound thyroid specialist as well. Which is nice. And we can send bloodwork off to her. But, she doesn't think it's necessary.


So - all is well. Keeping her on the same meds.

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