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Guest lauri

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What are the smptoms of food allergies?


What are the symptoms of environmental/seasonal allergies?


We have itchy eyes, red inflamed lips and itchy gums.


Tree pollens are high here right now and I'm not the best housekeeper (i.e dusting/sweeping).


Clark had been treated for Babiosa and I';m wondering if that has created some irritation.

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Andy had seasonal allergies that would result in red, itchy eyes and itchy skin, from laying in the grass. He was worse during some seasons than other, especially spring and fall. I had to keep him on a daily dose of Benadryl when he would get really red eyes.

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With the lips and gums, I would suspect an allergy to something he's eating (food, toothpaste?) or licking (bowls, chew treats, toys, anything else he licks -- some dogs are big on licking their bedding). Could be environmental, but I've not personally seen an environmental allergy do that to any great extent.

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Guest speedoketo

One of the first things you're going to notice with allergies - both food and inhalant - is itchiness and hair loss (usually from scratching). A ton of other things cause those same symptoms though (like parasites and metabolic issues though with the former you can find fleas or flea dirt and the latter usually shows gastrointestinal signs as well). What you're describing sounds like how allergies present in people but dogs respond differently to allergens than people and the gum itchiness definitely sounds weird. If your dog is itchy enough that it's affecting his daily lifestyle or he is hurting himself scratching so much you should get him to your vet who can give expert advice and potentially a treatment plan. Your vet can also tell you whether the Babiosa treatment may be involved.

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