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Bleeding After Dental

Guest ImAKoala

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Guest ImAKoala

Sorry, this is the first time I've ever taken one of my dogs for a dental, this may be an ignorant question...



Eddie came home from having a dental and 3 teeth pulled, he got home at about 6 pm (its 7:20 now). He was laying on his bed and I noticed a small spot of blood on his bed near his mouth. It wasn't much, probably the size of a dime and I can't find any blood on or around his mouth. Of course the vet is closed, and the only place open is the e-vet, but it is so far away and so expensive I don't know if this is something I should take him for or not. My husband is kind of saying 'wait and see', other than the blood spot Eddie seems to be doing ok. We have pain meds and antibiodics and soft food to give him. What would you do?

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Some bleeding is to be expected, especially after teeth were removed. Blood in the mouth can really be scary because mixed with saliva, you would swear they were bleeding to death.

They probably should have explained that you'll see some oozing. If it continues, just take a gauze pad and apply it to where the teeth were extracted, it'll stop, and probably will stop even without that.


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