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Rear End/leg Weakness

Guest ss556

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I'm curious to know the treatments/vitamins/meds etc. that those of us who have senior greys with rear leg weakness do/did.


Alan has acupuncture. He gets cosequin DS, traumeel (homeopathic), fish oil in addition to high blood pressure meds. He cannot have any NSAIDs. I have used traumeel gel. More recently, I give him tramadol as needed.


If I massage his back legs, he stiffens and then shakes. So I don't believe that massage is an option.


I'd love to see others chime in here - maybe I can learn something.

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Guest MorganKonaAlex

We tried the Depo-Medrol shots with Morgan but they didn't work. He didn't tolerate opiate pain killers, so we could only use Neurotin. We had a physical therapist come to the house, evaluate him and we started on a home massage/stretching regiment. Hard to say if it made any difference though. He stressed out about going to the Vet so we decided against acupuncture.

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Guest jerrybird

Our twelve year old lad was on Meloxicam for almost two years and was pain free with no side effects. Toward the end of his life, we used a sling to steady him; fed him when he was laying down and DH carried him up and down the stairs for six months.

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I also read your other post; I am sorry about Alan. This is for him. :dogcookie


Actually when I asked the same Q, I recall you recommended acupuncture. Sorry, I don't recall how old Alan is? On Saturday, I took Indy, 11, for his third acupuncture treatment. He has responded very well (Indy has mild to moderate LS and disk protrusion confirmed through MRI), but I realize this is a progressive condition and the day will come that I can do no more for him.


Currently, he is on Get Up & Go supplements (no visible arthritis on most recent x-rays, although he does have a few big, fat, inflamed toe knuckles), Heska F.A. granules (omega goodstuff) -- and frankly, I haven't given him a Tramadol in several months. I have Metacam on hand, but if I give it to Indy - it's a reduced dose. Indy still likes a good back and butt rubbin' - although I understand that it doesn't work for Alan. Weather permitting, Indy still likes to go for a walk, although the walks are now much shorter.


Although I am considering jammers for my hounds; currently, I only cover Indy with a light throw at night to keep his back and hips warm. Both of my hounds usually kick the blankets off by the middle of the night, but I think is helps keep them from getting too stiff.


Would a hot water bottle or pad on his back / rear end be of any value? Is Alan incontinent or is the plumbing still working okay?


Wish I could offer something more. Hugs to Alan. :heart



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Alan is not having any accidents, thank goodness. He's having difficulty getting up from his bed and lowering himself onto his bed. He stopped jumping up onto my bed as much, which is a good thing for me and for him. He trotted around before in the snow but can't get comfortable right away when he lays down and he stumbles when he walks.

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I have similar problems with my whippet Rickie whose hind end is in decline. Like Alan he is on Cosequin DS (well actually now Flexadin, pretty much the same stuff). My holistic vet suggested a product called Vetri-Disc by Vetri-Science. I am giving him half the recommended dose because some of the ingredients overlap with the Cosequin/Flexadin. Too soon to know if it is making a difference.


We are not doing acupuncture at the vet's suggestion, but are doing gentle chiropractic every few weeks.


I am also getting Rickie to go up to the second floor for every treat, to try and increase the muscle mass in his back legs, and it seems to be helping (we started this week and are doing about 10 special trips per day, a few at a time, spread through the day).


Hugs to Alan.

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