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Dry Flakey Skin

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Both the boys have really dry skin right now with the winter waether. What can I give them to help with the flakey skin?

Jodie D (hope to have another grey name her soon)
Missing my Bridge Babies:
Rusty (Cut a Rusty) 10/18/95-06/09/09
Solo (Tali Solo Nino) 01/10/98-03/25/10
Franny (Frohmader) 02/28/04-08/31/17

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Guest alf7199

My current foster came off track with horribly dry, flaky skin, everywhere... I searched and searched and come up with this... one sardine in his breakfast every morning, water added to both breakfast and dinner meals (extra water means extra hydration=more hydrated skin). Also on the really dry places (his belly, "arm pits") I have rubbed in lanolin (it is used for breastfeeding moms with sore nipples, in the baby section at walmart), it is very thick stuff some rub between your fingers to warm and thin then rub on the spots. I rub the lanolin in at night so it soaks while he sleeps, it is digestable for human babies so works for fur babies as well. I hope this helps!!


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