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Eating Yellow Snow

Guest fasterthanu

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Guest fasterthanu

Seriously! Nero eats every speck of yellow snow he can find. He will dig to find every last speck. I try to pick up the yellow snow from our other dog but it is almost impossible to get every speck.


The problem is; after this nasty habit everytime Nero throws up. Clearly yellow snow is not good for him and not agreeing with him.


So the problem: how do I stop this?


I have tried his muzzle on but he will just stick his face deeper into the snow so he can still eat the nasty stuff.


His water dish is full of fresh water which we change often to ensure fresh and he does not drink it. He eats snow but of course not just any snow. The yellow stuff.


Nero acts like he is starving all the time. Right now he is actually over weight but he still acts like he is starving all the time. We had a real problem with worms and after several vet appointments and bills; I think we have that problem solved.


Does anyone else have this problem? How do I stop it? Advice please please please!

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Guest fasterthanu
Wrap the exterior of the muzzle in duct tape. Just don't leave it on him unsupervised.



Never thought of that! Worked perfectly. He tried to swing his head from side to side but did not work. No eating yellow snow.


Thank you very much!

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