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Beau's Labs Are In


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Here is the email from the specialist:



I actually just received the results and the "abnormalities" are as follows:

1) BUN = 43 (this is higher than his previous "normal values" of 25 and 29). This can be associated with dehydration, very high protein intake (perhaps applicable here) or GI bleeding (not just kidney disease). The urinalysis may help to be sure the kidneys function well.

2) ALT = 132. This is a MINIMAL increase and could be so because of breed but is also commonly minimally affected in some dogs with severe GI disease.

3) Cholesterol = 72. This is low. This is not dangerous but is more useful as an indicator. Low cholesterol means cholesterol is either not being produced by the liver (as in liver failure or Addison's disease) or in this case much more likely, not being well absorbed through the normal "Circulation" from liver to gut back into the bloodstream. This fits with our impression of poor intestinal absorption.


Blood proteins were all normal.

I will await the urine and fecal test and contact you with results and further recommendations at that time.


poops on walk were near perfect. small but perfect.



ROBIN ~ Mom to: Beau Think It Aint, Chloe JC Allthewayhome, Teddy ICU Drunk Sailor, Elsie N Fracine , Ollie RG's Travertine, Ponch A's Jupiter~ Yoshi, Zoobie & Belle, the kitties.

Waiting at the bridge Angel Polli Bohemian Ocean , Rocky, Blue,Sasha & Zoobie & Bobbi

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Robin, sounds like things are on the right track and turning for the better.


I like the small but perfect....THATS GOOD


Give Beau a hug from me please, he is always in my prayers.



CAROL & Molleigh (Queen Molly)
My Angel Girl (Slippy's Molly) ~ Thank you for sending me your namesake ~

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