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Need Suggestions For Keeping Paws Away From A Neck Bandage

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A 5 month whippet puppy flew with his parents earlier this week from Alberta to the vet school at the University of Guelph to have surgery for a severe case of pulmonic valve stenosis. The surgery was yesterday - amazingly, to me at least, it is performed through the artery in the neck.


The pup was discharged today with a bandage around his neck that is meant to stay for 10 days. Unfortunately, the pup has other ideas.


I was thinking maybe baby socks on his paws (attached with vet wrap, not too tight) and then bitter apple on the socks.


There is so much experience here, I am sure there are other and better ideas, and I'd like to pass them on to the pup's parents.


Thank you for your help.

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I would say socks as well. If the area is where I think it is, the Bite-Not won't be a good idea.

Hoping for an easy and quick recovery for this little one


Missing my little Misty who took a huge piece of my heart with her on 5/2/09, and Ekko, on 6/28/12



:candle For the sick, the lost, and the homeless

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Guest Greensleeves

Nelly had an IV catheter placed in her jugular vein (!), and as part of that, her whole neck was bandaged. There was no way she could have worn any kind of protective collar. If, however, this puppy's bandage is covering the wound completely (and there's not a drain or a port or a catheter or anything poking out of it), he might be able to wear a Comfy Cone: http://www.smartpakcanine.com/ProductClass...ed-_-NA-_-16008


It is very soft, and might not irritate the wound, while protecting it from paws. It's designed to have the dog's collar threaded through elastic loops at the base, but we've found that it fits fine with the dog just *wearing* it (and that's a lot easier to deal with).


If covering the feet is the only option, I think boots would be more effective than baby socks. A kicking dog foot can have a lot of force behind it, and boots would give more padding to soften the blow.


Good luck!

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