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Prayers For Sully Please...update In Post #15

Guest mecki

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Right after Brook passed in November, Sully peed in the house..., brought him in to check for UTI and also culture. Everything was fine, so I chaulked it up to behavioral on account of a change in the pack. It seemed to be okay for a bit, but not anymore. Brought him in for bloodwork this morning, and now I'm waiting for results.

At the vet, he has lost 10 lbs since december 15th. I thought he lost a bit, but not that much! I'm worried.


Please spare some special thoughts for my goofy boy. :hope

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You know I'm praying for you both. Call me if you need to talk...




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Thank you so much for the thoughts and prayers. Blood work is good! Never expected this, but my vet is treating both Sully and Skip for worms to start....and I guess we'll go from there.

I'll try and stay positive.

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Sending prayers this is just worms. :grouphug


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Yikes, ten pounds is a lot to lose in what, 6 weeks? What kind of parasite load are they being treated for?


They're taking panacur (sp)?....so whatever types that would take care of.



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Sending prayers for your boy.



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Prayers for Sully and hugs for you!

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