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Sanny Has Pannus

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I had to take Sammy in today for his vaccinations, and since i was there I had the vet look at his eyes, as I've noticed a dark patch starting to grow from the corner of both his eyes and was a bit worried about it.

We did corneal stain. Diagonosis is Pannus. We also did a tear test which came out OK. No ulcerations or anything else

He's been started on Optimmune Ointment once a day and Prednisolone Acetate 1% drops twice a day.

We're supposed to go back for a recheck in 10 days at which point they may elminate the ointment and decrease the drops to 1 time a day.

Unfortunatly I got the one vet at the practice I cannot stand, so my questions were brushed off.

She made it sound like once we get "into remission" things will be OK.

Apparently this hasn't progressed too far, which is good, however, doesn't this require care for the rest of his life? She made it sound like we will reach a stage where nothing has to be done beyond just monitoring it.

I'm a bit confused and was hoping some of you with pannus experience can give me a few tips.


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Guest KennelMom

Drops usually need to be continued for the rest of the dogs life. Our pannus boy was always well controlled with the drops. We were able to only give them every 2 days for the longest time and it controlled it fine. Towards the end we has to up the drops to daily.

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My grey gets drops in both eyes everyday. Prednisolone sodium phosphate. There are a few different meds that are given. Alan has been doing fine with his pannus. Good luck!

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Buddy was diagnosed with pannus recently, after having had a corneal ulcer. He initially was put on tacrolimus drops, but those irritated his eye. He is now on Optimmune ointment once a day. He only has it in ONE eye, but the doc said it could develop in the other eye, too; he has to go back to the specialist in April/May for a recheck.

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I"ve been treating Pannus in one of my dogs for....I think it's at least six years now? Ive lost track. It's really not a big deal. She gets a drop of cyclosporine in each eye in the AM and a drop of neopolydex in each eye in the PM. We see the ophthamalogist once a year now to check for changes(the first couple years we went twice a year but there's been no changes the last several so we go less).


We're in AZ also. The main concern you might want to think about is sunlight. Mine won't wear the doggles so I'm careful about how much time she spends in the sun. That's about the only thing though.


The drops aren't expensive either.


Like I said, not really a big deal once treated. She's 13 now and it hasn't gotten any worse since she was first diagnosed years ago(actually her eyes improved dramatically in the first 18 mos and have held steady since)

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Guest tampagreymom

I have been treating Pannus in my girl for two years now. She gets a drop in each eye every day alternating between Cyclosporine and Prednisolone. I was told it is a life-long thing, there is no cure but it can be managed. She sees her Veterinary Opthalmologist once a year now for a check-up. From what I understood, the drops must be continued the rest of her life, otherwise she could lose her vision. I live in Florida so I do avoid direct sunlight with her and on windy days we shorten our walks. I would definitely recoomend seeing a Vet Opthalmologist and good luck with your Sammy.

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