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Questions About Pannus

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Sorry, this is going to be long. I first noticed a problem with Gypsy's right eye in late August or early September. I took her to the vet and he gave me eyedrops and told me to keep a close eye on the situation and come back if it did not improve within a few days. As it turned out, it got worse so we went back and were given different drops that helped immediately. Her eye looked great as long as she was on the drops, as soon as we stopped, her eye would look worse. This went on for about a month and a half. I did some research and suspected we may be dealing with Pannus. When Gypsy cut her foot and went to the vet for stitches I brought this up to the vet and he told me that he had also suspected Pannus. (why he never mentioned this to me is beyond me.) So fast forward to mid December when we saw the opthamologist who started her on Tacrolimus. The opthamologist informed us that she had it in both eyes which came as a surprise because I never saw a problem in her left eye. We began the drops twice a day and immediately her left eye became irritated and watered constantly, I contacted the Dr and was told to give it time. We gave it several weeks and on December 30th, the day we found out about Logans cancer, this is what her eye looked like.



Unfortunately, the opthamologist's office was closed for the holiday, so I quit putting the drops in that eye. I contacted the Dr's office as soon as they opened and talked to the Dr. She does not believe that it is a reaction to the drops because if it were, she would have a reaction in both eyes. I began putting the drops in her eye again, but dropped it down to once a day as prescribed. Her eye has not been watering like before until yesterday. She is also pawing at her eye. She holds it almost closed most of time as well.


So, here's my question. Can the snow we got be causing this reaction? Keep in mind that her right eye does not seem to be affected by the snow or the drops.


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I don't know. Slim had pannus in both eyes and he got 1 drop of cyclosporine and one drop of steroid twice a day and he never had any problem with his eyes with that protocol. I am a chemist so I always suspect "chemicals(drugs)" when I see some kind of unexplained reaction. Sure hope Gypsy's eye gets better quick! :getwell

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Carl was misdiagnosed with Pannus and another eye disease, but along the way he was given Tacrolimus. He had a terrible reaction to it, watery eyes, swollen lids, etc. I called the vet right away and was told to stop using it immediately (which I already had done). He also had a bad reaction to the Cyclosporine. I suspect that he was having a reaction to the agent that the medication was being delivered in, some sort of ointment. He has had no bad reaction to the Prednesone drops.


Other people on GT have had luck with getting their Tacro and Cyclo from pharmacies that will compound the medications in a different delivery agent. Hopefully, they will post here.

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