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Tally Is "off." Should We Go To The Vet?

Guest LokisMom

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Guest LokisMom

Since Monday, Tally has been not quite herself. She is eating, drinking, and pottying as normal except she resists going outside and has to be almost forced. Once out there, she will try to come right back in. You have to lead her out to her potty spot and stand there holding her on leash for her to go.


It is quite cold here so that could be a reaction to the cold. However, she also resists going into the kitchen to eat. Once you lead her in to the food, she eats like usual but she doesn't want to go in there.


She has also been laying around a lot more than normal. She'll still get up for a treat but does not get up to greet use when we come home. I don't even know how to explain it but she is just not herself.


I don't know whether to take her to the vet, wait another day or two, or what. I can just picture myself taking her to the vet and saying "My dog seems off, fix it." I don't really have any symptoms so to speak, other than the laying around... I'm just worried about her.


Any ideas?

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I would probably take her and a pee sample in for bloodwork, urinalysis, once-over.

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