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Degenerative Myelopathy


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It's most common in German Shepherd dogs. In fact, when you google it, almost all sites that come up involve German Shepherds.

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No, it is primarily viewed as an ailment of GSDs. There are some researchers who state that if it isn't a GSD, then it isn't DM, but I don't buy that.


Cosmo almost certainly had DM, but because she had lymphoma too, we never did the definitive testing to ascertain if she had DM. It involves neuro weakness (in her case she couldn't do stairs, couldn't wag her tail, couldn't scratch her ears, had incontinence issues), but there are additional signs that help distinguish DM from other neuro problems--very weird warty growths, an extreme intolerance of heat, even slightly warm weather, and a lack of pain.


DM is thought to be a doggie form of MS, which is to say an auto-immune disorder.


My recommendation is that you contact Dr. Roger Clemmons. He's a vet med professor at the University of Florida vet school. He does research on DM and has developed a compound of meds and supplements that he creates in his own pharmacy.


If your vet recommends prednisone, PM me and I'll give you the details of where I went wrong with giving CoCo her pred doses.


Good Luck,



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Yes, Dr Roger Clemmons is a huge help!


Battle was diagnosed with DM this summer. He's now using a wheelie chair and still has some use of his back end. However, his tailwag is going away. He was able to hold it up, but now it just goes out like a rudder with no motion. We did the MRI, Nerve conduction and EMG and this was the final diagnosis.


There is a cocktail of meds/supplements that have helped him plateau, i think, i hope. The cocktail is liquid from West Labs in Florida. The vets I saw did not want to agree to DM either, but after looking at the results of all of the tests and his HX of LP, it was the final diagnosis. the neurologists did say that they are starting to see DM in other breeds, just not with the prominence seen in GSD's.


There is a Flash Test for DM that only is for GSDs. It's a genetic test.


There is a really good website for GSDs that explains the disease, it's progress and options. The website's a little odd but once you get into it, the information is there to glean. Here's a link to Jack Flash's signs of DM page.


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DD and DOSP, thanks for the info.


Rhemus has progressive rear end weakness without obvious pain, and also is showing symptoms of LP. He will have xrays and also have his chords looked at during his upcoming dental.


The other thing mentioned was a disc problem, but he hasn't had pain, that I can tell.


I had also been thinking it may be LS, but given the other "neuro" type symptoms he's been having, DM was brought up.




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DM is thought to be a doggie form of MS, which is to say an auto-immune disorder.




If calcium AEP is safe for use with dogs, supplementing with this compound may be advisable. The injectable form is most readily absorbed, but largely unavailable in the United States. The oral form isn't as good, but it's an OTC supplement.

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