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Beau's Blood Test - Recommendations


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The vet is drawing blood tomorrow to check EPI / SIBO / B12 deficiency. These are the tests we plan on discussing with the vet when she draws blood tomorrow


1. Spot test by spectrum labs

2. TLI/PLI/B12/Folate

3. Pancreatic enzyme

4. Full tick panel


Is there anything else we should be considering/idiscussing or nvestigating as long as we're drawing blood (want to keep stress and additional blood draws to a minimum




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Make sure the tick panel includes Babesia Canis, which is very rare in other breeds, but unfortunately not in greyhounds. The tick panel will most likely include Ehrlichia canis, because that TBD is seen in other breeds too.

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It wouldn't hurt to test for fungal diseases as well. PM stlgrey and ask her about histoplasmosis and her Sierra's symptoms, which looked a lot like IBD if I recall. Nothing like adding to your bill, but if he were to have histo or blasto, only very specific antifungal meds are effective against those -- antibiotics, biopsies, prednisone, etc. are pretty much worthless.

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Guest SueG201

have the tick panel sent to Protatek Labs, one more note check for erlichia equine not just

canis, this is what I believe my whippet died from erlichia equine but they don't routinely

check for this. Best of luck

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I've been offline for a few days so haven't read the latest, will go back and check - no advice, just wanted to say that I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for the tests to be conclusive today.


:goodluck :goodluck :goodluck:grouphug


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