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Doxycycline And Doxycline Hyc

Guest argolola

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Guest argolola

Rudy has been taking 3 small Doxy tablets twice a day. The vet gave us an Rx to get filled free at local grocery pharmacy. These are capsules and the label says Doxycycline HYC. It almost seems like they are upsetting his tummy. DH and I were up about every 30 minutes all night to let him out.


Are they the same Rx or different? Thanks so much.

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asking and RPh at work:


they are the same drug but the capsule would desolve quicker, thus the upset tummy.


Ask the pharmacy if they have the tabs in stock.


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Same drug, Doxycycline comes as a hyclate salt... the full (generic) name is doxycycline hyclate. (other drugs come xxxx hydrochloride, lactate, sodium, etc). It is a difference between the computer systems (or the pharmacist) as to how much of the drug name is printed on the label. The salts are skipped a lot of the time.



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