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Penny Is A Faker

Guest Tuxsmom

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Guest Tuxsmom

Well, I took Miss Penny to the vet today, after watching her limp around the house for 7 weeks. 4 weeks ago, at her first appointment, the vet gave me Phycox which she said was the "first level" of arthritis medicine, and said she believed Penny's limp was arthritis.


Limp was no better, so today was the Xray day.


Xrays looked great! Bones looked perfect!!!!


and most wonderously of all:


Penny did not limp ONE TIME at the vets ALL DAY.


how embarrassing.


The vet said that was totally normal because adrenaline from being nervous could override the limp.


She still thinks its arthritis and has advanced Penny to Previcox with a recheck next week.


So looks like we are all clear. Vet said only way it could be bone cancer would be if it were a small tumor in the bone that was undetectable by xray, and would only be seen on an MRI but said Penny did not act like she was in excruciating pain.


Sooo, here I sit in my living room, watching Penny limp around like hop-a-long greyhound. The faker!




Thanks for all the good thoughts !!!


Again, my thoughts & prayers go out to all of you dealing with the worst case scenario. I am pulling for all of you & all of our babies :hope

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So glad that the x-rays are clear. Sending more prayers for good measure! :grouphug


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Guest Greensleeves

:lol Happy to hear the X-rays are clean, but I can SO relate!!


Once Whistler had this *horrible* limp--it was like a hop-stumble with every step he took, and it was *agonizing* (both for him and to watch). Well, my DH had gone on a business trip, and he'd unpacked his bags, leaving a package of beef jerkey on the desk in our bedroom. That night I helped Whistler to bed, and *every step* was hobble-ow, hobble-ow, hobble-ow. Miserable. We limped into the bedroom, and passed the desk, and suddenly: "Hobble-ow, hobble-ow, hobb--BEEF JERKEY?!" :rolleyes: Miraculous, the turn-around. :lol:

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