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Would You Worry About Nonpainful Chronic Join Swelling?

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Kipper has swollen metacarpal joint capsules in two toes, probably a chronic injury from the track. Substitute vet wasn't concerned; no pain, her thought is we will always have some swelling, let's just keep it minimal, and expect arthritis. (NOT my usual vet, who is on vacation.)


We are massaging the joints 3x/day after walks. Ice didn't make a difference so after a couple days, we stopped (he hates it).


DH is not amused that the 2-year-old pup is already at the vet as much as our 14-year-old was his last year.


Should I worry, or just keep massaging him and expect arthritis?

Is this type of overextension sprain common/no big deal? Will long-term joint swelling cause other problems?


Thanks...if you have Care of the Racing Greyhound, there's a pic on page 5 of what it looks like, only Kip has one on each front foot and they're a bit more swollen most days.



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I've not had any experience with the condition, but I would say that if he doesn't limp or have any other pain indicators to just treat it like a normal thing for this dog and continue to watch the area. I doubt if the massaging helps though it might make YOU feel better! :D The ice would be a better bet if he would tolerate it. Though it's efficacy has not been proved you might consider adding a glucosamine supplement and see if it helps.


Some things to think about:

Does it swell more after he runs/exercises? Does the swelling seem to impact his desire to play? Does he lick and "work at" his toes when they're swollen? How long does the swelling last, or does it ever really go away? Did your adoption group mention any ongoing conditions at his placement? Have you contacted them to see what they say?


greysmom :D



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