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Suddenly Not Cat Safe?

Guest indigojen

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Guest indigojen

I need help!


We've had 4 year old Peanut for two years. We have one other greyhound and one cat. Peanut has lived peacefully with Molly (the cat) since she arrived. Lately, however, things have changed. She has started chasing the cat. She may walk right up to her and show her teeth. She cornered her in the kitchen the other night and didn't do anything, but just froze and stared down at her. Tonight I heard a noise and she'd run out of her bed to lunge at her. Molly let her have it, needless to say she is a vocal cat, but really hasn't been doing anything (that I'm aware of) to provoke Peanut.


Peanut doesn't act like she doesn't feel well. She's not had any other behavior changes.


Any ideas? I'm putting this in H&M, hoping that someone will have any suggestions for possible medical concerns - or suggestions for tests. I'm thinking something should be tested, but I really don't know what to look for.


If anyone has any ideas, I'm open. We had two cats, but our other cat was killed by a foster a few years ago and I'm trying to be extra cautious so nothing like that ever happens again.





p.s. Any possibility that maybe there's something wrong with the cat and Peanut is the only one who's picked up on it??

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Guest meakah

My first thought is your last....something perhaps wrong with the cat. Perhaps Peanut is sensing a weakness there and pack animals tend to go after weak links unfortunately. How old is the cat? Any behavioural changes as of late?


And like longdogs mentioned....maybe something happened between their dynamics when you weren't around.


Either way, I would be very cautious so that your kitty stays safe. I would bring out a muzzle and not leave them loose together without supervision. I have no experience with a dog suddenly becoming unsafe like that so I hope others with experience chime in. But in the meantime....please keep kitty safe. I am sorry you have to go through this whatever the cause may be. :(:grouphug


Also, I should add, definitely start correcting the behaviour. Work with Peanut so that you can curb her behaviour towards the kitty. She needs to know it is not acceptable.


One other thought...is it possible something has happened to Peanut's eyesight? Maybe she doesn't recognize the kitty anymore? Or perhaps, like mentioned before, something has changed with the chemistry of the kitty and she maybe doesn't smell the same? Maybe a check up on the kitty is in order? :dunno

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