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Note To Self: Enza's Tummy Does Not Like Eggs...at All

Guest EnzaFerrari

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Guest EnzaFerrari

For the past few days, her stools have gone from rock solid to not so I put her on the bland diet and it was on the path to getting better - from liquid to soft serve ice cream with in just a hours. Also had panacur from her last bout of giardia and gave her that as well.


Then tonight I gave her a scrambled egg as I think I read that it was fine as part of the bland diet.


Yeah...no...on her walk, she suddenly stopped and it was so not good. Almost humorous as she perked right up and started to do a little jog and then quite literally frolicked when she found a puddle.


It was funny how my family and I were joking that she had fooled us on the sensitive tummy as just last month she was at my parents for a picnic and got away with two hot dogs, doritios (thanks kids!), a bunch of rolls, strawberries, and a miriad of other things. Lesson learned from *that* was not to offer to go for an ice run and leave her behind.




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