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Observations About Length Of Time Between Seizures And Severity

Guest EmilyAnne

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Guest EmilyAnne

I am wondering if anyone has observed the following to be true for their seizure hounds~


When NOT on any medication, the longer your hound went without a seizure, the more severe the next seizure was.


When ON medication, the above was not the case at all. Seizures were milder regardless of how long it had been since the last seizure.


Right before we put Henry on medication, he had gone longer than usual without a Grand-Mal, and we thought he was doing so good, and then WHAM! he had the most severe seizure we had EVER seen him have, and Henry then went into cluster and we started him on meds at that time, a decision we will NEVER regret.


Today, Henry is only a few days away from beating the record he had set right before the cluster. :)


However, I get that horrible nagging fear, that the longer he goes without a Grand-Mal, that maybe the more severe the next will be, as some people on the EPIL-K9 list had made this observation about their own seizure dogs.


But many of you have said that since your hounds started meds, the seizures both lessened in frequency and severity.


What has your observation been as far as severity of seizures in relation to all this?

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Saint's after the meds were longer between seizures and the seizures weren't nearly as severe. That's the reason we kept pursuing the right dosage to control him. Turned out to be the right decision for us.

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Guest greyt2love

Caesar goes longer between seizures and they are not nearly as bad as pre-meds. I would love him to be seizure-free, but at least they are minimized now . I would not even consider taking him off the medicine.

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I had the same fear with Piper but I've not found that to be the case. On meds, his seizures are farther apart and either less severe or about "normal"--the same severity. His are generally pretty violent but last only a couple of minutes. They always seem more spectacular when they start when he is standing up. The ones that start when he is lying down last as long and are probably as "strong" but somehow they don't seem as frightening.





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Lucy's description is what we've seen here too. One exception is when a serious illness was causing the seizures.


When Cullen started to decline from the retroperitineal hemangiosarcoma we didn't yet know he had, his seizures became extremely severe, enough to cut and bruise me while his body was flailing around the room. We had to seriously increase his seizure meds to prevent that kind of violence.



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