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Penny Is In Icu (coming Home Wednesday Pm)

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Penny and I got home about 4pm. She ate a cheeseburger from

McDonald's. Her bottom really hurts her- it's open and bloody.

I have to go get her some ointment. She won't sit down or lie

down, unless I put her on the bed. So when I get back I'll put

her back on the bed. She looks horrible. I can't stand this any

longer, so I can only imagine how she feels. I don't want a

miracle for her, I just want her to not be in pain.

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Guest SoulsMom

I'm so glad to hear she is home with you :grouphug


I don't know if it would help Penny, but when Soul had the horrible rash (that hurt so much!) when he left Tufts I put some bag balm on it. It was cleared up within a few days. But it wasn't open wounds, more like abrasions.

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Kiss precious Penny for me. We also used bag balm on Angel Lacey. Praying that a few days home~she will improve. I know she has to be happy just being home. Sending my prayers and white light. :grouphug


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I wonder why two dogs coming out of the same facility both have rashes.... :dunno


I hope Penny feels better now that she's home.



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Bag Balm is a great idea, and also Desitin would help. We're thinking about both of you and it's so good to hear she ate.


Missing my little Misty who took a huge piece of my heart with her on 5/2/09, and Ekko, on 6/28/12



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I'm so glad Penny is home and ate a burger. Enjoy your time with her. She will feel very loved at home.


I wish I could have brought Catwalk home for those last few hours, but I knew that she was in pain and not have been able to enjoy a burger.


My thoughts are with you at this terrible time. You are the only person who can decide when to set her free from pain. Such an awful decision.






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