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They Are Here.....

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To further clarify for those still confused about the stuff being embroidered...



here, the top is GreyTalk.com

the middle is the greyhound image

the bottom is the GT username


They could have also had it done with the image on top, then a user name and then GreyTalk.com, or no username or no image or not GreyTalk.com

Just need to know what order you want the stuff you want embroidered :)



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4 more payments this morning - thank you. Those shirts are packaged and waiting for me to print the label. When I do, USPS should be sending you an email with the tracking info. I'll drop them off at the post office today.


I hope to get another bunch of orders done this afternoon. Once I'm done with each, I'll respond to your email with the total. If you want to pay by real check, that's fine, just let me know so I can send you the address and move your shirt(s) to the "check's in the mail" pile



Also, I have a bunch of shirts that I'm still waiting on info back from people.

Once I get through the ones that I know what need done to them, I'll email the outstanding ones again.


Ideally I'd like these all completed and out of my house by the time Jeff comes home. As of last night, of the 126 that showed up, I had about 75 left to work on.

I'd actually like most of them gone mid next week as I have guests coming over and need space for them around my table instead of all these shirts :lol



So, be on the lookout this weekend for an email from me with your total. I'm hoping to get through a good amt over the weekend... hopefully

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So, I have a bunch more shirts packaged up and ready for USPS labels...

I have the labels in my USPS shopping cart.

When I went to add an additional one earlier this evening....


this service is currently unavailable



So hopefully it is resolved tomorrow morning so I can print the labels and get this batch of packages out (those that paid this afternoon/evening)



I also finished a bunch more tonight and got started on another bunch - should have that bunch finished tomorrow and will send out those emails.


The "to do" pile is slowly getting smaller.


I could actually eat at my dining table.

Not that there's room on my kitchen counter to prepare anything to eat, but there's space on the table now :lol

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:yay These look great. I just sent an PM with my request for second round. Thanks much!

The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.


Living a GREYT life at the Hound Hacienda - Clarkdale, Arizona

Always missing our angel hounds; Parker, Lacey, Bella, Figgy, Macho, Aspen, Kingman and Tillie

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Guest greyt2love

Trudy -

I did get the e-mail you sent, but it came to my work address and I opened it during a training class. I didn't have a chance to think about what you were asking for and now I am home and don't go back to work until Tuesday. I'll hook up my work laptop tomorrow and see if I can get my e-mail here at home.




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