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Progressive Trouble Getting Up And Down With Pain

Guest Greytswami

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Guest Greytswami

I have an appointment later this morning with my vet, but I wondered if any of you have seen this before and what it might be.


Note: This is long, but I'm giving every detail I can remember to see if anyone else had had these symptoms.


My 11 year old girl has had 'Elvis leg' off and on when she walks or stands for the last couple of years, was just one leg or the other and in the last year has been both.


4 days ago, she tried to get up from her bed and couldn't. Her rear end just wouldn't support her and when we tried to help her up she stood on her right leg with her left leg held up and then slowly sank back down. She was freaked out, but didn't seem to be in pain. She let us manipulate both legs and she didn't react a bit. None of her joints had and any swelling in them that I could see. The only unusual thing I noticed was that her left foot (between the ankle and her toes - right in the middle) has a 1/2" squishy bump. Could be a bug bite, could be a cyst, don't know...it may or may not even be related to her not being able to get up. So I gave her a coated 81 mg aspirin and let her rest. She didn't show any improvement (didn’t get up, wouldn't bear weight, sank down when helped up) the next day so I decided to take her to the vet that afternoon.


When my DH put her in the back of the Tahoe, she stood up, turned around and made herself a comfy nest for her ride...so; we took her out, just to see if she'd stand. Put her in the backyard and she not only stood, but she trotted around the backyard, did her business (she'd been holding it for a day and a half) and then trotted back inside. So rather than go to the vet, we decided we'd watch her and see how she does. Unfortunately, when she came inside from trotting around she slipped on the tile and splayed - I got her up quickly and after a couple of minutes she seemed fine still. She acted normally for the next couple of days (during this time, I'd quit giving her aspirin because she seemed fine and didn't seem to be in pain).


Last night, when trying to get up from the bed, same scenario as last time, except this time she was shaking and then panting..Obvious sign of pain right? So we made her comfortable, let her rest and gave her a coated 81 mg aspirin and decided I'd take her to the vet the next morning. This morning, she got up with the rest of the dogs and trotted right outside to go potty and then right back in, acting normally.


Through all of this her appetite has been good and she's been eating and drinking normally. She is taking get up and go glucosomine each night with her food.


I've googled these symptoms and it looks like it could be anything from Osteo to a pulled muscle to arthritis to a slipped disc...just can't tell.


As I said, she's going to the vet this morning to be checked, but I was wondering if any of you have had similar experience and if so, are there things you guys think I should ask the vet to check for too.








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A weak rear end can often be cauda equina/lumbo-sacral stenosis. It's progressive in nature, but there are steroidal shots that can be given that have helped many.


Of course, yes, could also be any of the other things you've listed. Hopefully, your vet will be able to get her sorted quickly :)

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Guest Greytswami

Thanks Turbo,


Vet agreed with you - he thinks it's likley lumbo-sacral stenosis.


Xrays ruled out tumors or fractures.


He sent home some tramadol and some previcoxx(sp) to see if that helps her.


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