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Heartgard Plus

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A while ago I posted a topic about my little greyhound gal contracting hookworms even though she is on Heartgard Plus, which is supposed to prevent intestinal parasites as well. My pup is doing well, hopefully no more nasties for her and I plan to have her and her brother tested for worms every six months, since we're out and about so much...anyway...

Someone here tipped me off that the co. that makes Heartgard would reimburse your vet bills if you buy your HG from your vet (thank you for that :) ). I couldn't find anything on the website, but I spoke to the people at my vet's office and they didn't know anything about it at first but than spoke to a co. representative and now they are reimbursing me and gave me a free year's supply! How cool is that?

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