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Toe Injury

Guest tlcenzo

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i am new to this forum. We just adopted a grey, Enzo. he is a brindle male and will be 2 next week. He was trained to race but never actually raced. We were told by the adoption agency that he has a blown toe. he does not put any weight on his paw. He just had his first vet check and she is recommending an xray.


The feeling I took from the agency was that a blown toe was common in greys and that it would be fine. I am just curious if anyone else has experienced a blown toe and what the general thoughts were on this?


Other than the fact that he is not getting enough exercise right now, he is doing exceptionally well. He seems to love us as much as we love him:)

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What do they mean by a blown toe? Ruptured digital flexor tendon? Recent dislocation? I concur with your vet regarding getting x-rays. Hope it's nothing too serious.


Oh, and Welcome!!! :D

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I am not really sure from a medical stand point. The vet had never heard that term before either. I am going to have the xrays done. i can manipulate his paw and he shows no sign of irritation and it does not seem to hurt him. He just walks on 3 legs. The knuckles of the 2 middle toes are swollen. He has a sore on the pad, like maybe he cut it on something. But the vet says it is healing nicely and that because he was favoring the toes the edge of his paw was rubbing the ground when he walked and that could be the source of the sore.


I just became concerned when the vet said she had never heard the term blown toe. I was under the impression it was common amoung greys. now I am beginning to question what is really wrong.

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I've never heard the tern "blown toe" used in USA racing. You can find a reference to it on some New Zealand sites online , but I could't find any explainations.

You might try getting further info about her injury from the adoption agency. How familiar is your vet with greyhounds?





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Guest KennelMom

Blown toe is probably referring to a dislocation or maybe a sprain...they can be pretty common with greyhounds. I'd definitely want an xray just to see what's going on in there. If a toe is severely dislocated, it will heal though there may be a lot of scar tissue that makes the toe look weird or swollen. They may also not want to bear weight on it when walking or standing, especially after running. They may also get some arthritis in that toe that causes pain.


I had one of my greys severely disclocate two of her toes lure coursing. We've been working with an specialist to determine if it's something we can manage medically or if she'll need her toe(s) amputated. So far, we've decent luck resting, leash walking and a course of tramadol and rimadyl when she has a flair up. However, considering her age and the frequency with which she limps after exertion, we'll be having at least one toe amputated. Just waiting for the surgeon to come back from sabbatical in a month or so. Her two toes look pretty gnarly with all the scar tissue that built up around the joints and she really has no flexibility in those toes anymore I just wanted to avoid removing one - or two - toes if we don't absolutely have to. We just have to keep her from sprinting until we can get the surgery done, since that's what aggrivates the injury.

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That sounds like it could be it. I am most definetly taking him to the vet. Just to be sure.



BTW, this forum is great. I am so glad I have a resource to turn to and a place to brag, and share stuff about the best dogs in the world:)



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