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Teeth And Bad Breath

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Sobe's breath is getting gakky. For one, he has been getting RMB for a while. We feed kibble, but give bones a couple times per week usually. With a foster in the house, I do bones far less. So - I'm going to get back into the bones.


Also - his teeth are wonky. All the little teeth in the front - are basically non-existant. They were that way when we adopted him. I was told he was a nervous crate-chewer at the track, and wore them down to nubs nibbling on his crate. Pretty sure that's true, becuase our group pres had a great relationship with the adoption kennel coordinator at the track.


And - he's got a broken canine tooth, over half gone. That happened here, a few years ago, when I tried to crate him once before we figured out how to deal with his wicked SA. The vet won't touch it. Said to just watch it, and see. He doesn't want to extract, for fear of breaking "that little skinny jawbone".


So - I don't know if he's just got plaque buildup that's making his breath stinky, or if it's his shredded teeth rotting!


I read about extractions for greys all the time - is my vet just not savvy? Mine are the only greys he's ever seen since vet school - a million years ago, btw.






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Is there a canine dentist any where near you? (I go to one that's 1 1/2 hrs away and SO worth it).


My Pearl's hypertension (high blood pressure) was caused by bad teeth, that caused kidney disease which cause the hypertension. It took 2 yrs to finally get it under control. AND.....I had been brushing her teeth almost daily.


Trust me, this is not something you want to play with.


Dentist are at large clinics and vet schools (and you can find some in small hospitals)



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I agree. Soemthing is going on and it can't be good. Hope you find someone you trust and can see soon.



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I'd find a new vet if my vet thought that he couldn't extract a tooth competently!


Sounds like George's teeth! The little front ones are all completely worn down--three years at the track (why can't they at least give them something to DO in their crates?)--and both of his canines are chipped. My vet did sand one of them down during his dental so it's smooth where it broke.


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