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How Asia Is Doing


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I really need to post a picture to show how wonderful she is doing. We go for walks in the morning and you should see her run even with missing a front leg. They can still do it. She smiles and sniffs out wonderful smells and she is still my princess! Her hair is growing back, she is still her funny self. It is like nothing ever happened..except removing a leg. She loves to jump into the Rover for a ride, she loves rides! She snuggles at night and gets up in the morning and still does those greyhound stretches at both ends. A new day and a new breakfast and new walk and still lots of the same Mommy and Daddy love.

This drama queen is doing fine!!!


3 more chemo treatments to go.



"To err is human, to forgive, canine" Audrey, Nova, Cosmo and Holden in NY - Darius and Asia you are both irreplaceable and will be forever in my heart beatinghearts.gif
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