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No Grand-mals Last Night!

Guest EmilyAnne

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Guest EmilyAnne

I have been pm'ing some of you about chiropractic care for Henry, and I was cautioned that Grand-Mals may be triggered after the first few adjustments. The first one, he was adjusted in two places, and he had the most freakish scariest Grand-Mals that night. I was truly afraid and I was so not sure about continuing with chiropractic.


I pm'ed some people here (Thank you so much for your kind words and support!) and posted on the epil-k9 list, and after much thought decided I'd have Henry go through one more adjustment and we'd see how that went. Henry went in yesterday and got adjusted. I did Ocular Compression several times yesterday, and he had NO Grand-Mals last night!!!! 11am will be 24 hrs since the last adjustment. Boy, I really hope between chiropractic and homecooked, Henry's seizures can be managed! :)

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