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They Sent Me A Pair Of Rainbows

Guest Hannah

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today has been a hard day at work, one of those days when you feel --><-- this close to quitting :(

And while I am used to pet hairs on everything there just seemed to be way more than normal - I even checked my bag to check there wasnt a kitty stowed away in there :lol so all I wanted to do was go home to snuggle with the hairy beasties


On the journey home today it started to rain, not the nice showers they predicted but showers that felt like the whole months allocation of rain had fallen in about 1 minutes sort of rain. the sky was so dark it was almost purple and there was the odd rumble of thunder. I was preparing for a soaking when I got off the train.


As we approached my station a shaft of sunlight burst through and a gorgeous rainbow appeared. as the train slowed the rainbow became very sharply focused, almost as if someone had literally painted individual stripes of colour on the sky and you could see the whole rainbow in glorious colour. the sky under it was bright and above it dark. and then there were two, the second was fainter but you could still see it all and still see each individual colour.


Both bows stayed as we pulled into the station, by the time I was out of the station there was just the one and it was fading. by the time I had got to the bus stop it too had gone.


Nobody else seemed to notice the rainbows so I am sure that Mono and Fluffy sent them. I am certain that Mono sent the Thunder :lol I always tell Holly that the thunder was Mono jumping up and down on the loose floorboards at the bridge just like she used to at home :wub:


oh and I am sure they have been waiting until the one day I travelled without my camera with me :rolleyes::lol

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Well if I didn't know better, I'd say BuyCut put them up to it, he sent me snow. Isn't it funny how no one else notices things like that? Yesterday I was walking out of the building & I caught something in the corner of my eye, when I turned to look, it was a black with some blue, butterfly. I gasped! The man walking behind me asked if I was okay & I said yeah, look at that butterfly, it had turned around & gone in the opposite direction. He just shrugged like, so what.

I didn't realize it, but today is Dear's 9th month at the bridge. He was black...

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Sounds like your girls have quite the sense of humor :)


I'm glad they sent you a little sign to make your day better :grouphug




Paula & her pups--Paneer (WW Outlook Ladd), Kira & Rhett (the whippets)
Forever in my heart...Tinsel (Born's Bounder - 11/9/90-12/18/01), Piper, Chevy, Keno, Zuma, Little One, Phaelin & Winnie
Greyhound Adoption Center ~ So Cal rep for Whippet Rescue And Placement

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