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Another Hello From Ct

Guest AllThingsBiotha

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Beta's now 5 months old, and I realized I hadn't taken any pictures of him lately. Well, I took out the camera and now I know why--he DOESN'T STAND STILL! So here's what playtime in our yard looks like--the Berners sit there and watch Beta getting his zoomies out!



Or just stare at his antics in disbelief!



Okay, so he finally SAT STILL



I love to watch him run. Never had a dog before that ran just for the fun of it!


:wub: :wub: :wub:


Sooooo cute!!! I've been hoping for pictures of him!

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Hi! From North Stonington, CT!


My very best friend has 3 Silken's and I just love them to pieces! The show one of them, and the others are pets, but absolutely so adorable!



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Cute pictures!!

I love the names and how you added Picante.

I am from Mystic,before the military took over us. LOL

We now live in Northern VA.

Take more pictures. Love them!!


Darlene, Santannah and Selena

Image removed, not within the GreyTalk signature guidelines of <15 KB file size limit. Your image was 33.09 KB (33,886 bytes) file size.


Darlene and Garon with Selena-JCKC 5/23/2005 & Mosa-RDR 2/5/2010

Missing Santannah Belle-NSRA 7/7/2001- 9/6/2012

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Guest AllThingsBiotha

Well, we count the Terriers as 1/4 dog each, and the Silken as a half--in size only, not how much they mean to us!! So, in our minds, we have FIVE dogs....warped reality, but five seems so much less than seven! :P

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On 9/19/2008 at 9:56 PM, Guest CBDTherapyDogs said:

In the words of "The Zookeeper", aka Gail (who adopted three Greyhounds from me)


Whooooo, Meeeeeeee???????????????? Noo.... NOT ZIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, that's a long (inside joke) story there.... but nah.... nope, not me!! :D:lol:B):ph34r:ph34r



You have a silken?? Ahh. I'd love to have one. 

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