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It's 4am And I'm Up With A Coughing Dog...

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My one year old lab, Blu received his bordatella vaccine last week and starting this hacking cough yesterday. I am so tired... we have been up since 3am. He is still eating, not with the gusto he usually has but is still eating. I have given him some vit. C and some dismutase (natural meds) to help. I will be taking him into the vet today and hopefully get some cough suppressant. Poor thing, he just looks at me with these big sad eyes...


Here is a picture of Blu from a few weeks ago, he is a really silly dog. He is a year old and weighs 99.6 pounds. I had him vaccinated because he is boarded occasionally.




Anyway, I pretty much know the routine... it will run its course and I will be disinfecting like crazy so none of the others catch it. I'm just whining about it... :blush


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Awwww....feel better real fast sweetie. :grouphug


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Guest FullMetalFrank

Do you think his coughing is anyway related to the bordatella shot? Now you've go me worried as Frank needs one before he goes to the boarding kennel in 2 weeks! I sure hope your cute pup feels better soon.

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