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Questions About Shoulder Injury

Guest keegan

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Guest keegan


I am writing because our one year old greyhound has injured his shoulder and we are hoping to get some advice or see if other greyhound owners have had similar issues. Keegan is a pretty big greyhound at 77lbs and is still very much a puppy, loves to run and play. He never raced since his whole litter was rescued before going to the track. Anyway about a week ago we noticed he was favoring his left leg after a long play session. We took him to the vet and the vet recommended not letting him run for a week or two and if it does not improve getting an MRI, he thinks it may be a cartilage injury in the shoulder. We did not run him for a week and he seemed fine, at the end of the week we allowed him to run and later that day he again seemed to favor his left leg again. He did not seem to be in pain while running or afterwards and after a day he seemed fine again. We are currently only walking him on a leash and we are scheduled to see the vet again at the end of this week. If anyone has any advice that would be great.




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Guest GreysAndMoreGreys

More than likely it's a muscle injury more than anything else.


Those can take from a few weeks to several weeks to heal. Depending on if it's just a pull or tear or what extent of damage.


I agree that after a rest (a week or 2 or whatever) it's always best to slowly work back into a normal routine.


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